MS Azure DevOps Solutions: Implement Infrastructure as Code

Azure 2019
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This 16-video course, used in preparation for AZ-400 Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions certification exam, explores several tools available in Azure to create infrastructure as code. First, learners will examine ARM Azure Resource Manager), the management layer for all operations in Azure, and learn how to use Nested Resource Templates to deploy and configure resources on Azure's cloud platform. Next, you will learn to use ARM templates to deploy new resources, provide configuration settings, and to retrieve information stored in other places, for example, retrieving secrets from Azure Key Vault. Then explore Terraform, a utility for managing infrastructure as code, and Chef, an automation tool to automate deployment of applications and their dependencies, and to accelerate and standardize infrastructure configuration. You will explore Ansible to deploy and manage infrastructure as code; learn to use AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service) with Ansible; and learn to use Helm to manage Kubernetes applications. Finally, learners will use Azure DevOps projects to scale applications.


  • identify the subject areas covered in this course
    define infrastructure as code
    configure nested Azure Resource Manager templates for reuse
    integrate secrets into Resource Manager templates
    provision infrastructure on Azure
    define the role of Ansible in the provisioning process
    use the Azure Resource Manager to define and deploy infrastructure from code
    use Terraform to version and provision infrastructure on Azure
  • use Chef to automate infrastructure on Azure
    use Ansible to orchestrate infrastructure using Azure Resource Manager
    recognize the value of using Kubernetes for container management
    provision Azure Kubernetes Service to manage containers
    use Ansible to manage containers deployed through Azure Kubernetes Service
    use Helm to manage the lifecycle of Kubernetes applications
    efficiently scale application development with Azure DevOps Projects
    summarize the key concepts covered in this course



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