Nature, Nurture

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Recent studies revealed that over 70% of people don't notice nature on their daily commute. But businesses are run by people, and interaction with nature is an essential part of being human. We have developed a nature blind spot, and Jez believes it's a hugely overlooked cause of most of the challenges workforces face today. Never has a topic been more timely or relevant. In this highly engaging and fascinating presentation, Jez provides a striking insight into human behavior and why we do what we do, positioning change as a natural and opportunity to adapt and evolve. The world around us, and our lives within it, is ever-changing and constantly evolving. Yet change remains a significant cause of anxiety and disengagement in business. Jez shares his experience working with brands worldwide exploring how to improve the way we think, behave, and ultimately achieve. In his inimitable style he outlines eleven powerful and practical models for embracing change based on our innate relationship with nature to enhance performance, collaboration and culture. You'll learn: • The 11 practical models for embracing change as a tool to actively adapt, evolve and grow • Learn effective ways to develop new behaviors • Discover what ant colonies, chameleons and elephants can teach us about resilience and performance • Five principles to help you become the best you



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