Network Security and Emerging Technologies

Networking    |    Beginner
  • 22 videos | 47m 47s
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Computer networking is an indispensable tool for single users and large enterprises alike, but unfortunately there are those who want to steal your information or profit off of you. Also, technology changes faster than most of us can keep up with it. In this course, you'll discover the elements of securing networks against attackers, including common security threats, malware, and social engineering. Then you'll learn about the risks of unsecured networks and how attackers compromise networks. You'll explore threat mitigation techniques, types of network security software, VPNs, perimeter networks, intrusion detection systems, security training, and information security planning. You'll learn about emerging technologies, including new wireless technologies and enterprise mobility. Then you'll explore the Internet of Things (IoT) and software defined networks. Finally, you'll discover the importance of keeping up with new technologies and methods for staying current. This course was originally created by Global Knowledge (GK).


  • Identify common security threats to computer networks
    Describe malware and the dangers it poses to computer networks
    Discuss social engineering and how hackers utilize it to compromise networks
    Describe what makes a network unsecured and the threats posed by unsecured networks
    Identify common types of network attacks
    Discuss crackers and the various meanings of the word 'hacker'
    Describe the goal of threat mitigation and tools that can be used to reduce vulnerabilities
    Discuss anti-malware software and how it can be used to reduce threats
    Describe the importance of establishing secure authentication and identify various authentication systems
    Discuss the various categories of user authentication credentials and how they can be used to improve security
    Discuss the purpose of encryption and describe various encryption techniques and technologies
  • Describe the purpose and features of virtual private networks (vpns)
    Discuss how firewalls are used to secure networks
    Describe the purpose and features of perimeter networks
    Discuss the purpose and features of intrusion detection systems
    Describe the importance of security training and education and ways that it can be conducted
    Discuss the components of an information security plan
    Describe new wireless technologies and how they'll impact wireless communication
    Discuss how wireless technologies affect enterprises and the issues posed by wireless devices
    Describe the internet of things (iot) and its implications
    Discuss the purpose and features of software defined networks (sdns)
    Describe the importance of staying current with new technologies and methods for keeping current



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