Performance Engineering Nuts & Bolts: Evaluating Performance

Performance Engineering    |    Intermediate
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The relevancy of performance engineering increases as organizations and users expect more reliability and availability from complex computer systems. This expectation puts pressure on the performance engineer to measure and demonstrate the impact of their work. In this course, learn how performance engineering compares to and extends the classic concept of performance testing. Study the main operational goals of a performance engineer and how these goals are measured using KPIs. Examine the technical questions a performance engineer must ask when evaluating a system's performance and the technical KPIs they can deploy to meet performance criteria. Finally, investigate the conducive business impact of performance engineering. Upon completion, you'll know how to meet key business objectives using performance engineering evaluation techniques.


  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
    define performance testing and describe the goals and strategies involved in it
    compare performance testing and performance engineering
    list the operational goals of a performance engineer, including meeting SLAs, managing issues, and monitoring resource capacity
    describe the KPIs used by performance engineers to determine whether they are meeting their operational goals
  • summarize the technical considerations of a performance engineer when considering performance of a system
    name the KPIs used by performance engineers to measure the technical performance of the system
    identify the positive impacts that performance engineering can have from a business perspective
    summarize the key concepts covered in this course


  • 1m 30s
  • 7m 22s
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    3.  Performance Testing vs. Performance Engineering
    5m 33s
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    4.  Operational Goals of a Performance Engineer
    6m 42s
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    5.  Performance Engineering Operational KPIs
    7m 17s
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    6.  Performance Engineering Technical Considerations
    6m 40s
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    7.  Performance Engineering Technical KPIs
    5m 37s
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    8.  Performance Engineering Business Impact
    4m 25s
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    9.  Course Summary


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