Promoting Diversity and Avoiding Discrimination in the Global Workplace (UK)

  • 5 topics | 21m
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The modern workforce is as diverse as the world in which it exists, with employees representing many cultures, ethnicities, beliefs, languages and customs. Many organisations continue to make strides to promote diversity and inclusion, recognising that leveraging the full potential of their employees requires a commitment to eliminating discriminatory behaviour from the workplace. In this course, you'll learn about the benefits of diversity and inclusion for the organisation and how you, as an employee, can promote inclusion. You'll also learn about how the types of discriminatory behaviours, such as harassment and bullying, affect the workplace and interfere with efforts to promote diversity and inclusion.


  • recognise the benefits of diversity and inclusion for the organisation
  • recognise how employees and managers can promote inclusion while carrying out their job responsibilities and interacting with co-workers
  • recognise the benefits of supporting diversity and inclusion and the part employees play in promoting it
  • recognise how bullying and harassment can affect the workplace
  • identify what action to take if you are subjected to or witness discriminatory behaviour in the workplace
  • recognise examples of discriminatory behaviour in the workplace, how it can affect the workplace, and what can be done to stop it


  • Benefits for the Organisation
  • Supporting Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace
  • Knowledge Check: Supporting Diversity and Inclusion
  • Avoiding Discriminatory Behaviour
  • Knowledge Check: Avoiding Discriminatory Behaviour