Quantum Cryptography

  • 9 videos | 1h 4m 4s
  • Includes Assessment
Learn how quantum mechanics gives you the tools to compromise secure communication protocols as well as the resources to enhance secure communication through the use of quantum key distribution


  • Understand how quantum computing affects cybersecurity and why you have to update security due to these new threats
    Understand to implement quantum communication protocols using single photons
    Understand quantum key distribution
    Understand the generation in detection of entangled pairs of photons
    Learn about more quantum key distribution protocols
  • Understand random numbers
    Understand bell's inequality
    Understand how to use bell's inequality to make a quantum random number generator
    Understand quantum teleportation


  • 6m 30s
    Learn why you have to update cryptography methods due to quantum computing. FREE ACCESS
  • 10m 17s
    Learn how to implement quantum communication protocols using single photons FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Quantum Key Distribution: BB84
    9m 27s
    Learn about quantum key distribution FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Entangled Photons And Detectors
    8m 45s
    Learn about entangled photon pairs FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Quantum Key Distribution: Ekert91 and BBM92
    5m 41s
    Learn about a few other QKD protocols FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Random Numbers: An Introduction
    7m 4s
    Learn about random numbers FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Bell's Inequality
    6m 49s
    Learn about Bell's inequality FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Certifiable Random Number Generation
    3m 39s
    Learn about how you can combine Bell's inequality and random number generation FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Quantum Teleportation and Entanglement
    5m 52s
    Learn about quantum teleportation FREE ACCESS


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