Quantum Hamiltonian Simulation Problem and Algorithm

  • 8 videos | 54m 41s
  • Includes Assessment
Learn about quantum simulation


  • Understand the ideas and issues behind quantum simulation
    Understand what a hamiltonian is
    Understand the simulation example presented
    Understand trotterization
  • Understand the simulation challenge through the chemistry example
    Understand phase estimation
    Understand the variational quantum eigensolver
    Understand how to use vqe in practice


  • 7m 41s
    Learn what quantum simulation is and find out the issues faced in this field FREE ACCESS
  • 8m 54s
    Learn about Hamiltonians FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Simulation Example: Particle In A Box
    4m 19s
    Learn about a quantum simulation example by looking at a particle in a box FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Hamiltonian Simulation: Trotterization
    Learn about the quantum simulation technique called Trotterization FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Simulation Of Chemistry Problems
    8m 58s
    Learn about challenges in simulation through this chemistry example FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Phase Estimation
    5m 59s
    Learn about phase estimation FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Variational Quantum Eigensolver
    7m 30s
    Learn about another approach called variational quantum eigensolve (VQE) FREE ACCESS
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    8.  VQE In Practice
    6m 21s
    Learn more about using VQE in practice FREE ACCESS