Radio Frequency Safety for Communications Workers

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Working with an unseen hazard, like radio frequency, or RF, energy, can cause you to underestimate the seriousness of the threat you face. The best way to protect yourself from RF energy exposure is to understand the threat and know what to do to eliminate or minimize your exposure. Knowing what RF energy is, its origin, its sources, and its possible health effects will help you protect yourself. Become familiar with the standards and regulations in place to minimize your exposure. And ensure you’re aware of hazard assessment and control processes near cell towers. The course was developed and reviewed with subject matter support provided by certified subject matter experts and industry professionals. Please note, the course materials and content were current with the laws and regulations at the time of the last expert review, however, they may not reflect the most current legal developments. Nothing herein, or in the course materials, shall be construed as professional advice as to any particular situation with respect to compliance with legal statutes or requirements.


  • identify characteristics of radio frequency energy
  • recognize the sources of radio frequency energy
  • recognize how radio frequency energy affects the body
  • recognize characteristics and sources of RF energy and any potential health effects
  • identify the regulations, standards, and guidelines various organizations have developed to ensure RF safety
  • identify methods used to control exposure to RF energy
  • identify the recommendations for safe work near cell towers
  • identify guidelines, standards, and controls for working safely with RF energy


  • Radio Frequency Energy
  • Sources of Radio Frequency Energy
  • Potential Health Effects of RF Energy
  • Knowledge Check: RF Energy and Health Effects
  • RF Standards and Regulations
  • RF Energy: Hazard Assessment and Control
  • Safety at Cellular or PCS Cell Sites
  • Knowledge Check: Working Safely with RF Hazards