Realistic Quantum Computation Today

  • 8 videos | 50m 17s
  • Includes Assessment
Learn about practical algorithms being implemented today at small scale. Also, look at the challenges associated with running those algorithms in the presence of noise.


  • Understand the performance metric quantum volume
    Understand the quantum advantage in machine learning
    Understand the quantum support vector machine method
    Understand the basics of practical quantum simulation
  • Understand the contemporary vqe
    Understand how you can use quantum algorithms to solve linear systems of equations
    Use a quantum algorithm to solve a linear sysem of equations
    Understand how the quantum algorithm can be improved


  • 5m 26s
    Learn about the performance metric called quantum volume FREE ACCESS
  • 5m 43s
    Learn about the quantum advantage in machine learning FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Quantum Support Vector Machine
    8m 40s
    Learn about the quantum version of support vector machines FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Practical Quantum Simulation: Introduction
    5m 9s
    Get a basic introduction into practical quantum simulation FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Practical Quantum Simulation: Contemporary VQE
    6m 35s
    Learn about the contemporary variational quantum eigensolver FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Solving Linear Systems Of Equations
    6m 7s
    Learn how you can use Hamiltonian simulation algorithms to solve linear systems of equations FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Quantum Algorithm For Linear Systems
    6m 45s
    Find out the actual mechanism for using quantum algorithms to solve a linear system of equations FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Discussion Of Quantum Linear Systems Algorithm
    5m 53s
    Learn the drawbacks behind using the quantum algorithm at this time FREE ACCESS