Secure Application and Data Architecture Design

Cybersecurity    |    Beginner
  • 20 videos | 52m 54s
  • Includes Assessment
  • Earns a Badge
Security architects design and implement secure architectures and translate business processes and risk into policy and implementation rules. In this course, you'll explore designing secure application and data architectures. First, you'll examine the history of development, the role of the application architect, and application architecture goals. Next, you'll learn about disciplines related to application architecture, as well as Service-oriented Architecture and its standards. You'll move on to learn about modular framework development, authentication, patching, and vulnerability testing. Next, you'll examine data architecture, data classification, data privacy, and database security. Finally, you'll learn about encryption and big data, as well as data architecture analysis and influences.


  • recognize important elements of secure application architecture design
    recognize how aspects of the history of development impact the application architecture
    describe the role of the application architect and the skillset they should have
    recognize application architecture goals
    recognize disciplines related to application architecture like the software development life cycle, secure coding, and secure DevOps
    describe Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) and its tenets
    describe SOA standards, web services, and risks
    recognize how a modular framework can be used in the development process
    describe authentication, including services that can be used internally and externally
    describe patching and recognize the importance of patch management
  • recognize various methods of vulnerability testing
    recognize important elements in secure data architecture design
    describe data architecture and its goals
    describe various forms of data classification, associated considerations, and controls
    recognize restrictions, considerations, and risks for private data
    recognize high-level concerns for database security
    recognize general and database encryptions options
    describe big data, its uses, and security concerns
    describe the purpose of and need for data architecture analysis
    recognize factors that influence data architecture decisions



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