Security Programming: System Essentials

Secure Programming    |    Beginner
  • 14 Videos | 56m 2s
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In this 14-video course, learners will explore how Linux-based systems operate, communicate, and manage the underlying information they contain. Begin by examining management and monitoring tools available in Unix and Linux environments. Then learn to work with user accounts and domain names, and learn how to monitor user and system activity. You will learn how to securely connect to remote servers by using secure shell (SSH), and how to work with user accounts. This course examines elements of both an Internet Protocol routing table and a network interface, and demonstrates how to perform Domain Name System lookups. Learners will examine log files for monitoring critical events on a Linux system and use the PS command to retrieve process information. You will learn how to retrieve disk usage, partition information, and directory contents of a Linux system, and how to monitor both user and system activity on a Linux system. Finally, this course demonstrates how to configure time and date services and explore system configurations in the /etc folder of a Unix system.


  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
    connect to a remote server securely using ssh
    create, modify, and delete user accounts in a Linux system
    identify and describe the elements of an Internet Protocol routing table
    describe the elements of a network interface using the ifconfig command
    perform Domain Name System lookups
    describe the important log files on a Linux system that are used to monitor for critical events
  • use the ps command to get process information
    query disk space use, partition information, and directory contents of a Linux system
    monitor user activity on a Linux system
    use system monitoring tools to monitor Linux activity
    configure time servers and set the correct date, time, and time zone on a system
    describe important system configurations found in the /etc folder of a UNIX-based system
    summarize the key concepts covered in this course



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