Serverless Applications: Implementing RESTful API using AWS

Amazon Web Services 2021
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To build serverless applications, developers and project managers must know how to transition to an API-driven development environment. Use this course to learn how to leverage APIs within AWS's serverless platform. Distinguish between REST and SOAP APIs. Examine the purpose of the REST architecture style and the benefits of using REST APIs. Explore AWS API Gateway and the process of designing, building, and optimizing API Gateway to create REST APIs. Create HTTP APIs and API Gateway APIs. Implement AWS Lambda using Node.js. Then create Lambda functions to consume events from Amazon DynamoDB streams. Outline how to set up authentication and authorization in AWS serverless implementations. Work with Lambda authorizers and functions. Lastly, customize content delivered by CloudFront. Upon completing this course, you'll be able to build RESTful APIs and leverage them within the AWS serverless environment.


  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
    recall the history of REST API and the features of REST that make it different from SOAP API
    recognize the goals of the REST architecture style and the design rules applied to establish the distinct characteristics of the REST architectural style
    describe the concept and approach of uniform contract and service modeling using RESTful API
    recognize the benefits of using REST API for modern applications and the steps that can be adopted to transition to API-driven development
    describe the features and architecture of AWS API Gateway that help accept and process concurrent API calls
    outline the process that needs to be adopted to design, build, and optimize API Gateway for creating REST APIs to implement request/response design models
    create HTTP APIs using the AWS Management Console
    create API Gateway APIs with private integration to provide API consumers with access to HTTP/HTTPS resources within Amazon Virtual Private Cloud
    create API Gateway APIs to expose other AWS services
    demonstrate the steps involved in building API Gateway REST APIs with Lambda integration
    recall the concept of serverless computing along with the AWS services that can be used to implement serverless computing
    describe the features and building blocks of AWS Lambda along with the benefits afforded by AWS Lambda to implement serverless compute
  • implement AWS Lambda using Node.js with the AWS Management Console
    recognize the key features and benefits of DynamoDB and specify why DynamoDB is an essential part of the serverless ecosystem
    create Lambda functions that can consume events from Amazon DynamoDB streams
    implement REST APIs that use AWS API Gateway to route requests to Lambda functions that can query DynamoDB
    recognize the approach of setting up authentication and authorization mechanisms in AWS serverless implementations
    configure a Lambda authorizer using the API Gateway console
    set up request validators in an API's OpenAPI definition file and import the OpenAPI definitions into API Gateway
    use Amazon S3 to trigger an AWS Lambda function when files are being uploaded in Amazon S3 buckets
    configure a destination and Lambda function to send invocation records asynchronously to services
    invoke and execute Lambda functions at regular intervals using scheduled events
    customize the content delivered by CloudFront using the Lambda compute service
    summarize the key concepts covered in this course


  • Playable
    Course Overview
    2m 19s
  • Playable
    The History of RESTful APIs
    8m 26s
  • Locked
    The Goals of REST Architecture Style
    7m 57s
  • Locked
    Uniform Contract and Service Modeling
    8m 27s
  • Locked
    The Benefits of Using REST API for Modern Apps
    8m 39s
  • Locked
    AWS API Gateway Features and Architecture
    6m 54s
  • Locked
    The Process of Working with API Gateway
    11m 29s
  • Locked
    Creating HTTP APIs
    7m 10s
  • Locked
    Creating API Gateway APIs
    9m 57s
  • Locked
    Creating API Gateway APIs to Expose Services
    7m 47s
  • Locked
    Building API Gateway REST APIs
    12m 6s
  • Locked
    Serverless Computing and AWS Serverless Services
    8m 2s
  • Locked
    The Building Blocks of AWS Lambda
    8m 14s
  • Locked
    Implementing AWS Lambda Using Node.js
    7m 43s
  • Locked
    DynamoDB in the Serverless Ecosystem
    8m 27s
  • Locked
    Creating Lambda Functions to Consume DynamoDB Events
    13m 44s
  • Locked
    Implementing REST APIs to Query DynamoDB
    16m 21s
  • Locked
    Authentication Setup for AWS Serverless Environments
    12m 38s
  • Locked
    Configuring Lambda Authorizers
    6m 15s
  • Locked
    Working with Request Validators
    5m 15s
  • Locked
    Invoking AWS Lambda Functions with S3
    12m 12s