Setting Up & Using your iPad in iOS 12

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Discover the iOS 12 system on your iPad or iPhone. This course gives you the basics to navigate your iOS 12 interface and use its features, such as touchscreen interactivity and the virtual keyboard. You'll learn how to customize settings, use iOS widgets and the Control Center. Other tasks include how to dock and manage your files; view and manage your notifications; activate and configure Do Not Disturb, and finally how to configure and use the lock screen security feature.


  • use the touch screen with iPad iOS 12
    get to know the iPad iOS 12 interface
    use the iOS 12 virtual keyboard
    configure your iPad iOS 12 virtual keyboard
    customize your iPad wallpaper
    use the lock screen on your iPad iOS 12
    configure the lock screen on your iPad iOS 12
    use Widgets on your iPad iOS 12
  • use the Control Center on your iPad iOS 12
    use the Dock on your iPad iOS 12
    manage your files on your iPad iOS 12
    view your notifications on your iPad iOS 12
    manage your notifications on your iPad iOS 12
    activate Do Not Disturb on your iPad iOS 12
    configure Do Not Disturb on your iPad iOS 12


  • 3m 15s
    The multi-touch gestures you'll use with iOS 12 allow you to control your device in an intuitive way and have been developed to help you save time and simplify your experience. These gestures carry out specific functions that increase the fluidity of the iPad's multitasking features. FREE ACCESS
  • 4m 4s
    It's important to get to know the iOS 12 interface and become familiar with its design and enhanced applications making it easy to use. This video will provide you with an overview of the latest version of iOS. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Using the virtual keyboard in iOS 12
    5m 57s
    When using applications that require text such as emails, text message or chat apps you'll need to use the virtual keyboard. See how to use and discover the key functions found on the iOS 12 virtual keyboard. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Configuring your virtual keyboard in iOS 12
    5m 25s
    You can add keyboards to your device to be able to type in different languages. In this video, you will see how to add and manage your keyboards and choose the keyboard settings options. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Customizing your iPad wallpaper in iOS 12
    4m 28s
    You can change your home screen and lock screen wallpaper with iOS 12. In this video, you will see how to find the wallpaper settings and choose the wallpaper you prefer. You can also use your own images to personalize your device. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Using the lock screen in iOS 12
    2m 47s
    Your device's lock screen will show you the current date and time and notifications can appear there. Although you cannot use your device until you unlock the screen you can access the camera and widgets from the lock screen. To make sure your device can't be accessed by other people you can use Touch ID or a Passcode with iOS 12 as an extra security step before unlocking. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Configuring the lock screen in iOS 12
    4m 9s
    You can configure your lock screen with iOS 12 by managing the notifications and alerts you find there. You can also personalize your lock screen by removing the lock sound and changing the wallpaper. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Using Widgets in iOS 12
    4m 33s
    You can customize your information center in iOS 12, by adding widgets which act as shortcuts or previews for the apps installed on your device. This video will also show you how to find, interact with and delete widgets you don't want to use anymore. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Using the Control Center in iOS 12
    4m 59s
    With iOS 12 you can customize your Control Center to meet your needs and make accessing apps and tools simple and quick. See how to access, customize and use the iOS 12 Control Center. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Using the Dock in iOS 12
    4m 5s
    With iOS 12 you can save and use apps directly from your Dock. The Dock will also allow you to multitask and open apps from any application on your device in Slide Over or Split View. See how to use as well as customize your Dock in iOS 12. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  Managing your files in iOS 12
    5m 18s
    iOS 12 comes equipped with its own file manager application, Files. This application allows you to easily access and open your files on your device as well as view items in Quick Look that have been saved and stored on your iCloud Drive. This video will also show you how to add a cloud storage space location to find all your files in one place. FREE ACCESS
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    12.  Viewing your notifications in iOS 12
    4m 57s
    Notifications that you receive from applications can be found in the Notifications center or in a banner at the top of the screen. Once you have found your notifications you can view them or open the app they have come from. iOS 12 now lets you easily silence notifications so they will only appear in the notifications center and not appear while you use other apps. FREE ACCESS
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    13.  Managing your notifications in iOS 12
    6m 29s
    Managing your notifications will allow you to choose how and when they appear on your device. From the notifications settings, you can also manage notifications for each app on your iOS 12 device. FREE ACCESS
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    14.  Activating Do Not Disturb in iOS 12
    4m 22s
    If you need to quickly silence your iPad before a meeting or dinner you can turn on Do Not Disturb. In this video, you will see to enable Do Not Disturb and choose how to plan when the mode will turn on. FREE ACCESS
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    15.  Configuring Do Not Disturb in iOS 12
    4m 16s
    Configuring Do Not Disturb will allow you to choose to receive important calls while the mode is turned on. You can also use Do Not Disturb during Bedtime to help you get the sleep you need and not be bothered by incoming calls or notifications. FREE ACCESS


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