Shaping & Structuring Documents in Word iPad

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There are a number of features in Word for iPad to help make longer documents easier to work with. Discover how to add page numbers and footnotes, insert headers and footers, and work with sections.


  • Number pages in word for ipad
    Add footnotes in word for ipad
    Insert headers and footers in word for ipad
  • Insert manual page breaks in word for ipad
    Create and format sections in word for ipad
    Use your table of contents in word for ipad


  • 4m 39s
    If you want to keep track of the content in your Word for iPad document, you'll need to add page numbers. They're crucial if you're working on a long document, especially if it's a collaborative one which multiple people are editing and commenting on. This tutorial will cover how to insert and customize page numbers. FREE ACCESS
  • 3m 44s
    Footnotes are used to supply the reader with supplementary information, often which cites sources used to create the document. Word for iPad makes it easy to insert and edit footnotes. Moreover, it conveniently updates any changes by automatically re-numbering them. This tutorial will cover how to create footnotes. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Inserting headers & footers in Word iPad
    4m 41s
    It is sometimes useful to include certain information types - such as author, document title, or page number - on every page in your document. For this, you may want to use Word for iPad's header and footer tools. Once you have activated your header and footer space, the information that you insert will appear by default on all the pages in your document. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Inserting manual page breaks in Word iPad
    3m 26s
    A page break is a marker that tells Word for iPad that all content following the break will be placed on a new page. A page break is automatically inserted when you get to the end of a page, but you can also insert manual page breaks. For example, these can be useful if you want to start a new chapter on a new page before reaching the end of the present one. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Creating & formatting sections in Word iPad
    4m 17s
    The Word for iPad section tool can be used to create distinct zones within your document. These zones - known as sections - can be organized and formatted individually, allowing you complete control over your document's appearance. You can, for example, arrange your section's text into columns, or even change the page orientation to landscape. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Using your table of contents in Word iPad
    3m 20s
    It's not possible to create a table of contents using Word for iPad, but that doesn't mean you can't view and modify one that you've created using your desktop version of Word. You can even use it to move throughout your document, tapping on the page numbers so that you can quickly access areas of your document. FREE ACCESS


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