Sharing Space: Living, Learning, and Working at Home

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The COVID-19 pandemic has made it seem like much of life is up in the air, with no end in sight. And now that school has started up again, it kind of feels like starting all over again. While it seems like everybody’s situation is different, still, we’re all learning and adjusting together.Whatever our jobs or titles, we’re all parents, or grandparents, or caregivers of one sort or another, and we’re all trying to figure out how to cope on a daily basis. And our kids are dealing with the same kinds of changes that impact us: a new workspace, less socialization outside of the family, less privacy, fewer ways to make the days distinct from each other, more worry and anxiety.In this course, members of the Skillsoft family share their experience, strength, and hope as we all attempt to balance our work and home lives while keeping our families safe, happy, learning, and moving forward, together.


  • Embracing a New Perspective of Everyday Life
  • Creating Harmony in Your Virtual and Real Worlds
  • Managing Up: Make Change Happen