SRE Metric Management: Software Reliability Metrics

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To improve the chances of creating, monitoring, and maintaining a successful software development project, site reliability engineers and all team members must be aware of which metrics to measure. They also need a working knowledge of both automated and manual testing methods. In this course, you'll learn how to manage and select SRE metrics and how various testing methods work. You'll begin by learning what metrics need to be measured for project management, software development, and APIs - examining in detail CI/CD, cloud API, and software project metrics, to name a few. Next, you'll compare both manual and automated testing methods and the goals of each. Lastly, you'll investigate automated testing frameworks and platforms, test cases and types, and best practices and pitfalls to consider.


  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
    describe useful SRE data analysis metrics and how they can be effectively used to monitor and control a project
    identify some of the pitfalls encountered when using software project metrics and outline how to avoid them
    identify how to select meaningful software project metrics and recognize why some metrics have minimal value
    describe the benefits of using software metrics and outline how to monitor and track them
    name some of the best metric monitoring APIs    
    outline how Azure API Management can be used for deploying and hosting API web services    
    identify the metrics to track when performing CI/CD
    define manual testing and describe how it compares to automated testing
  • define automated testing and describe the automated testing process and how the scope of automated testing is defined
    determine the best test cases to automate and how and when to test
    list the different types of automated testing including web applications, mobile devices, web service, and data testing
    outline the automated testing framework and automation tool best practices
    describe types of automated testing and state the goal of each test type
    compare automated and manual testing and classify the pros and cons of each method
    state reasons why automated testing may not catch all risks
    summarize the key concepts covered in this course



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