TFS Change History, Mapping, and Server Management

Team Foundation Server    |    Intermediate
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Aside from keeping a reliable shared copy of your source code, one of the main advantages of using source control is the ability to see all changes that have occurred and look at any version of the code from the past. In this course, you'll explore change history, file history, as well as how to find the source of changes, search for changesets, and undo changes with rollback. Nearly all operations in TFS version control depend on the system knowing the relationship of local files to server files, so you'll examine changing file mappings, using workspaces, and the features of local workspaces. You may not be responsible for management and administration of your organization's TFS server, but being aware of the available capabilities can help you make good decisions when setting or changing policies. To finish out this course, you'll learn how to secure code access, configure check-in options, clean up local folders, and interact with TFS outside Visual Studio. This course was originally created by Global Knowledge (GK).


  • Recognize how to use the annotate tool to help you find the sources of changes
    Recognize how to use the changeset search tool
    Recognize how to undo changes using the rollback command
    Recognize how to use a newly created workspace and ways the workspace interacts with visual studio and the file system
    Recognize the features that differentiate local workspaces from server workspaces
  • Recognize how to secure access to your source code at various levels
    Recognize how to set up check-in policies and their impact on the check-in process
    Recognize how to use the reconcile command to clean up local source folders
    Recognize how windows shell extensions allow direct access to many source control functions without opening visual studio



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