TSHOOT 2.0: HSRP Troubleshooting

Cisco TSHOOT 2.0    |    Expert
  • 4 videos | 1h 7m 35s
  • Includes Assessment
  • Earns a Badge
Explore the process of troubleshooting common HSRP issues, including how to isolate an issue, formulate a troubleshooting plan, and implement the solution, as you prepare for the 300-135: Troubleshooting and Maintaining Cisco IP Networks certification exam.


  • Recognize the methodology used to troubleshoot issues occurring on multiple devices
    identify the cause of multiple hsrp devices being in an active state
    specify trunking issues that could interfere with hsrp functionality
    Identify the elements that can be verified from a client when an hsrp-related ip address isn’t responding
    specify the expected state for an hsrp router when a no shutdown command has been issued
    Identify how to force a route to be redistributed
  • identify the cause of hsrp priority dynamically changing
    recognize how to verify available routes for redistribution to other routers
    specify the default hsrp priority
    Specify the requirement for a second hsrp router in a given scenario
    identify the cause of local active state and unknown standby state on an hsrp router


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    1.  HSRP Troubleshooting Example 1
    20m 14s
    During this video, you will learn how to identify the cause of multiple HSRP devices being in the active state. FREE ACCESS
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    2.  HSRP Troubleshooting Example 2
    11m 7s
    In this video, find out how to identify the elements that can be verified from a client when an HSRP-related IP address isn't responding. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  HSRP Troubleshooting Example 3
    21m 54s
    In this video, you will learn how to force a route to be redistributed. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  HSRP Troubleshooting Example 4
    14m 20s
    After completing this video, you will be able to specify the requirements for a second HSRP router in a given scenario. FREE ACCESS


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