Using Multimedia in Presentations in PowerPoint Microsoft 365

PowerPoint Microsoft 365    |    Intermediate
  • 11 videos | 55m 55s
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Explore the graphic elements of PowerPoint for Office 365, including images, audio files, video files, hyperlinks, in this 11-video course. First, examine how to insert hyperlinks into a slide by typing the Web address or pasting it in. You will then learn how to insert images from your computer and online sources, and how to insert a screenshot. This course examines several techniques to move or crop images. You will learn to adjust the size of an image, and add formatting effects, including a colored outline. This course demonstrates how to use advanced editing tools to adjust image effect with changes to brightness, sharpness, and color. You will learn how to use the 3D Model tools to insert three-dimensional images. You will also learn how to add multimedia files, including importing them from an existing file, or by recording your own audio directly. This course demonstrates how to insert a video file, and how to edit multimedia sources in slides. Finally, learners will observe how to create a photo album in a presentation.


  • insert hyperlinks to access websites, files and send emails
    insert an image from an existing file or an online location
    insert a screenshot from an open program or online source
    modify an images position, rotation and crop
    edit an images size, border and applied effects
    modify an images aspects to improve its appearance
  • insert a 3D model from an existing file or an online source
    insert an existing audio file or an audio recording
    insert a file from your computer or an online source
    edit a video in a presentation
    create a photo album presentation


  • 6m 35s
    In PowerPoint, you can insert hyperlinks that can be used to open a website address, create a new email or even open an external document. Any text associated with a hyperlink can be modified to display whatever you want. FREE ACCESS
  • 5m 32s
    In PowerPoint, you can improve your presentation by inserting images. These images can be taken from your own computer or from a number of different online sources. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Inserting a screenshot in PowerPoint Microsoft 365
    3m 36s
    It can occasionally be useful to illustrate your text with a screenshot, especially if you are creating a step-by-step guide to using a particular program. In PowerPoint, you can use the screenshot tool to import captures of your open windows and even select your own screenshot images. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Manipulating an image in PowerPoint Microsoft 365
    5m 11s
    In PowerPoint, you can move and crop your image in a variety of different ways. You can, for example, manually adjust your images position to fit a particular shape. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Editing an image in PowerPoint Microsoft 365
    5m 17s
    Once you've inserted an image in PowerPoint you can adjust the overall size, layout and display. You can also add formatting effects, including a colored outline. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Using the advanced image editing tools in PowerPoint Microsoft 365
    6m 3s
    Further edit your images in PowerPoint using the advanced editing tools. See how to adjust image effects such as brightness, sharpness and color. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Inserting a 3D Model in PowerPoint Microsoft 365
    5m 21s
    With PowerPoint, you can insert 3D models into your presentations. You will see how to insert a three-dimensional image into your presentation and use the 3D model tools. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Inserting an audio file in PowerPoint Microsoft 365
    4m 43s
    Your PowerPoint presentation can be improved by adding multimedia files. One such type is an audio file. You can import sound from an existing file on your computer, or you can download a track from a variety of different online sources. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Inserting a video file in PowerPoint Microsoft 365
    4m 16s
    In PowerPoint, you can add video files from a number of different online sources. You can also import a video file from your own device. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Editing your multimedia file in PowerPoint Microsoft 365
    4m 16s
    Once you have inserted your multimedia file, you can begin editing it. You can, for example, add bookmarks to easily navigate to a particular point in the track. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  Creating a photo album in PowerPoint Microsoft 365
    5m 4s
    If you have a number of digital photos that you would like to present, you can create a photo album. PowerPoint can help you create a photo album, complete with captions, title placeholders and photo borders in next to no time. FREE ACCESS


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