VBA: Building User Interfaces with Forms in VBA & Excel

VBA 7.1 (Office 2019)    |    Intermediate
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One of the many capabilities of Excel's VBA is building complex user interfaces within Excel. Part of this is the creation of complex forms for gathering input data. In this course, you'll learn how to create user forms using VBA in Excel and, in doing so, achieve user interfaces with complex controls like combo boxes and spinners. You'll also learn how to send emails from VBA while being mindful of security risks and the configuration required if the email provider is Gmail. You'll learn how to validate form input data, insert it into an Excel spreadsheet, and illustrate how such user input can be accepted using complex controls, such as radio buttons and checkboxes, and buttons that, when clicked, trigger the invocation of VBA subroutines.


  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
    introduce user forms as a way to add complex UIs to an Excel workbook and use the VBA forms control toolbox to add elements, such as buttons, to a user form
    wire up a button to VBA code so that whenever that button is clicked a message is displayed, design a fully-fledged user form to accept complex user input using input boxes, and configure buttons to submit or reset that user input
    wire up a complex user form to store data in an Excel workbook
    add a button to a workbook to display a complex user form and demonstrate the resulting fully-fledged user application from Excel
  • use VBA's support for sending emails from within macros, enable and use Microsoft CDO (Collaboration Data Objects), recognize security flaws for sending emails from VBA, and identify the setup required if Gmail is the mail provider
    develop a complex user form and add complex controls such as dropdown menus (known as combo boxes in VBA), checkboxes, radio buttons, and spin buttons
    add complex controls to an app, including spin buttons and checkboxes, create a close button to unload the form's memory and cease displaying it, and add a submit button to store user input in a workbook
    wire up the back-end code to process user inputs from the form, create a display button to show the form, and demonstrate the resulting fully-fledged user application from Excel
    summarize the key concepts covered in this course


  • 2m 8s
  • 10m 28s
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    3.  Connecting a User Form to an Excel Workbook with Buttons
    10m 27s
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    4.  Storing Data from a User Form into an Excel Workbook
    9m 55s
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    5.  Using a User Form to Insert rows into an Excel Spreadsheet
    7m 5s
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    6.  Sending Mail from Excel with VBA
    10m 24s
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    7.  Building Complex User Forms
    9m 32s
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    8.  Opening, Closing, and Submitting User Forms
    9m 21s
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    9.  Using a Form with Complex Controls
    10m 58s
  • Locked
    10.  Course Summary
    1m 58s


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