VMware VCP-DCV vSphere 7: Baselines, Cluster Image Validation, & VM Upgrades

VMware vSphere 7    |    Intermediate
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In this course, you'll learn about the use of baselines to update ESXi hosts through the Lifecycle Manager, as well as how to create and attach custom baselines for an ESXi host in a cluster. You'll also explore the use of images to update ESXi hosts through the Lifecycle Manager and how to import and work with an image for an ESXi host in a cluster. Next, you'll review the capabilities that the VMware Lifecycle Manager offers by examining how upgrading VMware Tools and VM hardware can be managed. Finally, you'll learn how to perform an upgrade on one or multiple VMs for both the VMware Tools and VM hardware. This course is one in a series that helps prepare learners for the VMware Certified Professional - Data Center Virtualization 2021 (VCP-DCV 2021) exam.


  • recognize how to use baselines to update ESXi hosts
    Identify available options for deploying updates through Lifecycle Manager
    recognize differences between different types of Lifecycle Manager baselines
    recognize how to create custom baselines for ESXi hosts
    identify methods for importing the elements of a Lifecycle Manager image
  • recognize the components of a Lifecycle Manager image
    recognize how to use Lifecycle Manager images to update ESXi hosts
    identify the impact of using Lifecycle Manager images to maintain a cluster of ESXi hosts
    recognize the capabilities of VMware Lifecycle Manager for virtual machines
    recognize options available when updating virtual machines using VMware Lifecycle Manager


  • Locked
    1.  Updating ESXi Hosts Using Baselines
    25m 1s
  • Locked
    2.  Using Cluster Images to Validate Host Compliance
    25m 9s
  • Locked
    3.  Upgrading VMware Tools and VM Hardware
    10m 37s


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