Windows 11 Winter 2023 Update

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The Windows 11 Winter Update offers some improvements and new features to Microsoft's operating system. In this course, discover how to use and customize the new Start menu, Quick settings, and notifications center. Learn how to navigate File explorer's new interface and organize files within it. The Focus tool has a new look and is now fully integrated with the Clock app. Discover its new interface and how to configure its notifications, sounds, and alerts. Explore Windows 11 suggested actions feature, which allows you to quickly make a phone call or create a calendar event. Lastly, you may need to run several applications at once. Learn to use the Task manager to visualize app usage, force close an app, and enable Efficiency mode in Windows 11.


  • Discover the key concepts covered in this windows 11 winter update course
    Discover the start menu user interface in windows 11
    Customize the start menu in windows 11
    Navigate the notification and quick settings menus in windows 11
    Adjust the notification settings in windows 11
    Navigate the file explorer in windows 11
  • Organize files in the file explorer on windows 11
    Use focus in windows 11
    Configure windows 11 focus
    Use suggested actions in windows 11
    Check your computer's performance in windows 11


  • 59s
    This video outlines the key content covered in this Windows 11 Winter 2023 Update course, including how to navigate the Start menu, use suggested actions, and check your Windows 11 computer performance. FREE ACCESS
  • 4m 29s
    In Windows 11, the Start menu has a new look and location. The Start menu in Windows 11 makes it easy to access the different applications directly from your desktop easily. See how to access the Start menu and navigate its pinned and all apps section. Also, see how to pin apps to the Start menu and group pinned apps into folders. In this video, you will learn how to use the Windows 11 Start menu. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Customizing the Start menu in Windows 11
    3m 41s
    In Windows 11, you can customize the Start menu to add or remove items from certain sections. Learn how to customize the Start menu layout, to either have more pinned apps or more recommendations displayed. Also, explore the different Start menu settings we can configure. See how to display recently added apps, most used apps, and recently opened items to the Start menu interface. In this video, you will learn how to customize the Start menu in Windows 11. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Navigating Quick settings and Notifications in Windows 11
    5m 7s
    The Windows 11 Notification center contains app notifications and the Quick Settings menu. Windows 11 Quick Settings menu offers a shortcut to adjust various settings without needing to open the Settings window. In this video, see how to customize your system notifications and how to add or remove settings from the Quick Settings menu. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Adjusting the notification settings in Windows 11
    4m 20s
    Have control over the notifications that display by learning how to configure your notification settings. Learn how to use the Do not disturb feature, so you won't receive any new notifications for a set period. Also, explore how to set priority notifications, so you will still receive notifications from specific apps even when Do not disturb is turned on. In this video, see how to adjust the notification settings in Windows 11. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Navigating the File Explorer in Windows 11
    5m 42s
    Understanding where a file or folder is located on your computer is important when it comes to managing your documents in Windows 11. You can use File Explorer to find different folders and subfolders saved on your hard drive or external storage devices. In this video, you will explore the File Explorer’s interface, its Home tab and ribbon, and how to customize the File Explorer’s default settings. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Organizing files in Windows 11
    3m 57s
    It is easy to keep your files organized if you know how to move them from one location to another. In Windows 11, you can quickly move multiple files from File Explorer to your desktop. Also, see the different ways to move files between different folders on your computer. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Using Focus in Windows 11
    4m 13s
    In Windows 11, Focus helps you stay focused during a meeting or at work by reducing distractions. With this feature, you can block badges, toast notifications, and flashing apps in the taskbar. Focus is also integrated with the Clock application, so you control the session using the focus timer. Through the connect, you can also connect the Microsoft To do and Spotify apps, so you can focus on specific tasks and play your favorite music to help keep you focused. In this video, learn to use Focus in Windows 11. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Configuring Windows 11 Focus
    2m 54s
    The Focus feature in Windows 11 allows you to block notifications, sounds, and alerts. The tool is useful if you're trying to concentrate on a particular document or project as it will reduce the number of distractions. In this video, you'll see how to access the focus settings, configure its notification settings, and how turn off its Do not disturb feature. In this video, see how to configure Windows 11 Focus. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Using Suggested actions in Windows 11
    4m 2s
    As part of the Windows 11 update is a new feature called Suggested Actions. This feature allows you to copy a phone number or future date, then displays a flyout menu with options to copy the information to suggested apps. See how to use this feature to make a phone call with apps such as Phone Link & Microsoft Teams. And see how to use the suggested actions feature to create a calendar event with the information already filled in. In this video, learn to use Suggested actions in Windows 11. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  Checking your computer's performance in Windows 11
    4m 57s
    Open applications on your device use resources, including memory, your network connection, and portions of your CPU power. You may have to run multiple applications at the same time. Therefore it is useful to visualize and manage the resources that are being used by your computer. See how to view information about open applications, and check an app’s performance. Also, see how to force close an app and enable Efficiency mode in Windows 11. FREE ACCESS


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