Working with the Newsfeed in SharePoint 2016

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SharePoint Newsfeed keeps you up-to-date with your organization and colleagues. Discover how to use the newsfeed, have conversations, add files and tags, interact with posts, and follow items in SharePoint.


  • use the SharePoint newsfeed
    start a conversation in SharePoint
    add files to your conversation in SharePoint
  • add tags to SharePoint conversations
    interact with posts in SharePoint
    follow items in SharePoint


  • 4m 41s
    The newsfeed in SharePoint is used to keep you up to date on the latest conversations and activity within the company. You can use it to track events, project developments, user activity, and even document updates. FREE ACCESS
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    As a SharePoint user, you can share news via the newsfeed. These posts are known as conversations and are shared with anyone who follows your account. As well as posting general announcements and news, you can also mention individuals by name, to ensure that they are notified of your conversation. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Adding files to a conversation in SharePoint 2016
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    Conversations that are posted to the SharePoint newsfeed can include images and documents. This is particularly useful if you are talking about a document and want to share it with other users via the newsfeed. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Adding tags in SharePoint 2016
    4m 26s
    If you want to highlight keywords within your conversation you can add tags. Tags are created by using the hashtag or pound symbol. See how to add, view and follow specific tags on SharePoint. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Interacting with a post in SharePoint 2016
    3m 21s
    Once a conversation has been added to the SharePoint newsfeed, you can start interacting with it. You can, for example, like a conversation or reply to show the author and other colleagues that you appreciate what they have posted. You can also add your own reply and even include images or documents, to contribute to the conversation. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Following items in SharePoint 2016
    6m 4s
    In SharePoint, you can follow a number of different items, including documents, users, or keywords. Following something means that you will receive activity updates for that item in your newsfeed. This is a very good way of staying up to date on a particular document, user status, or even subject area. FREE ACCESS


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