Virtual Work in the New Normal

What you will learn

It's new, it's different, but it's going to be OK! As you learn to work from home, possibly in pajamas and while watching pets wander onto the screen during video meetings - you will find that upgrading your skillset can help you adjust to your new environment. This journey will help you get ready, set, and go during these unfamiliar times.


Track 1: Getting Set-up at Home

Course | 56m 24s

It's time to get organized to work from home. To help you get set up at home, learn some tips and tricks for time management,
productivity, and reducing stress to enhance your performance.

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Track 2: Efficiency & Productivity in the New Normal

Course | 1h 14m 23s

Now that you're set up to work from home, it's time to build on your existing skills to increase your productivity as a virtual team

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Track 3: Your New Work (And Home) Environment

Course | 1h 18m 17s

Environment can play a big part in your performance at work. It's time to breathe in, buckle down, and improve your well being
through optimizing your new work environment.

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