How Apexon Unified Its Culture and Improved Collaboration

Following a major merger, the firm created a custom training program to align employees around a shared business strategy.


Acquisitions are vital to the growth strategy at Apexon, an IT services and consulting firm. In early 2022, the company carried out one of its biggest mergers, melding five distinct companies into a single business.

While the deal allowed Apexon to dramatically expand its offerings, it also created challenges, as any merger does. In particular, Apexon needed a way to unite everyone around a shared set of cultural values — and a shared understanding of what the company does.

“Leaders basically had two asks,” explains Rohin Kumar, Director of Global Talent Development at Apexon. “On the developer side, people were interacting with clients without really understanding how to talk to them. On the consulting side, people coming in from legacy businesses weren’t aware of the entirety of the enterprise. They didn’t know all of our offerings or how our solutions were developed and delivered.”

In short, developers didn’t fully understand the consulting side of the business, and consultants didn’t fully understand the developer side. That meant Apexon was missing out on key opportunities to upsell, cross-sell, and effectively address clients’ pain points.


Apexon set out to create an organization-wide learning initiative to help every employee understand the business’s core values and operations. Working with a committee of leaders from across the company and representatives from Skillsoft, Kumar and his talent development team designed Elevate Essentials.

Elevate Essentials is a custom Aspire Journey that blends Skillsoft content and internal Apexon materials to cover two key subjects: Consulting Essentials and Agile Essentials.

“On the client-facing side, we want people to understand how we really push that entire consulting piece and get maximum bang for our buck, so to speak,” says Kumar. “But it’s equally important that we sharpen our skills in terms of how we deliver, and that’s what the agile side is for.”

In the Consulting Essentials segment of the program, employees learn about understanding client needs and Apexon’s unique value propositions. The Agile Essentials segment focuses on Apexon’s agile process for developing IT solutions. Consultants and developers alike take both parts of the program. Upon completion, they earn a custom Digital Badge to recognize their accomplishments.

“Consultants go through Agile Essentials because it’s important for them to understand how we deliver,” Kumar explains. “We also felt developers should go through Consulting Essentials so they could understand how their work reaches the clients.”

While Elevate Essentials was a mandatory assignment for employees, Apexon built buy-in and engagement by getting leaders to act as internal champions.

“Leaders participated in it first, and they found immense value in it,” Kumar says. “That’s how we were able to spread the journey around. Leaders became ambassadors for the program, telling their team members, ‘I myself have done this, and I think it is going to add value for you, too.’”


“Our partnership with Skillsoft has been one of the most efficient learning partnerships we’ve had. The platform is very easy and very adaptable. It’s plug-and-play. That has allowed us to cover a lot of ground in a short time.”





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Registered learner participation rate


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Apexon is rolling Elevate Essentials out in stages, with upwards of 4,000 employees participating in the first round. So far, 11,000 hours of learning content have been consumed.

“In terms of adoption, we’ve done really well,” Kumar says. “In my experience, I’ve not seen learning platforms having this kind of adoption. We’re already inching toward the 50 percent mark, and it’s only been two or three quarters.”

Kumar attributes the high adoption rate, in part, to how quickly Elevate Essentials got off the ground and to the Digital Badges.

Feedback from participants has been overwhelmingly positive, with both new and experienced employees finding value in the journey.

“Leaders say it’s helping their teams improve their day-to-day operations,” says Shrikant Kalghatgi, Talent Development Manager at Apexon. “People are using their time more effectively during daily scrum meetings. For people who were already agile-certified, it has helped them refresh their skills.”


Apexon is a digital-first technology services firm specializing in accelerating business transformation and delivering humancentric digital experiences. For over 17 years, the company has been meeting clients wherever they are in the digital lifecycle and helping them outperform their competition through speed and innovation. Its reputation is built on a comprehensive suite of engineering services, a dedication to solving clients’ toughest technology problems, and a commitment to continuous improvement. The company focuses on three broad solution areas of digital services: Digital Experience, Data Services, and Digital Engineering and has deep expertise in BFSI, healthcare, and life sciences. Apexon is backed by Goldman Sachs Asset Management and Everstone Capital