Global Technology Powerhouse takes Compliance Training into its Own Hands at Lenovo

Lenovo customizes off-the-shelf compliance training courses with Skillsoft’s multi-content configuration


With more than 75,000 employees worldwide, it’s critical for Lenovo, a global technology powerhouse, to have a robust compliance training program that answers a critical question: What’s the best way to provide employees with the compliance training they need, when they need it, without breaking the bank?

“We need to make sure that the content we’re serving up to our team is crisp, updated, modern, and engaging,” said Jennifer Broerman Spencer, director, executive development, at Lenovo. “It needs to include elements of Lenovo in it – whether that be a video from the c-suite, a specific policy statement, or something else.”

She continued: “But, this type of customization comes at a price.”

Compliance training courses at Lenovo are tailored to an employee’s role (manager, non-manager), geographical location (city, state, country), and native language. “This is a matrix of complexity that the average legal team cannot keep up with,” said Broerman Spencer.


While Lenovo has been successfully utilizing Skillsoft’s compliance solutions since 2018, Broerman Spencer is always on the lookout for new features that will help streamline her work. So, when Skillsoft announced the availability of multi-content configuration, she didn’t hesitate to try the new feature. Multi-content configuration enables Skillsoft clients – like Lenovo – to now create multiple configurations of any course for specific audiences.

Why is this important for Lenovo? One example of the impact can be found in harassment prevention training. Some states require inclusion of the employer’s HR contact information and anti-harassment policy in any compliance course related to this topic. Content configuration allows employers to easily add this information to the course themselves, without the need for (or added cost of) customization services.

Content configuration makes it easy for any organization to customize Skillsoft compliance training courses to reflect regulatory requirements and organization-specific goals from a simple self-service interface. Lenovo has been able to insert documents, policies, non-instructional videos, as well as custom introductory text, audio, policy, and summary sections of any Skillsoft compliance training course.

“What I love about being able to configure content ourselves is that we can take off-the-shelf content and make it our own in a matter of minutes. It feels like Lenovo built it!” said Broerman Spencer.


“Lenovo relies on Skillsoft’s partnership to help keep us in compliance with changing regulatory requirements,” said Broerman Spencer. “This not only brings peace of mind, but it brings significant time and cost savings, as well.”

“Two years ago, we launched 20 anti-harassment courses for employees at Lenovo – custom-tailored to their role, geographical location, language, and other factors,” she said. “Today, we are launching 40 different courses and only able to keep these courses up-to-date with city, state, country, managerial, and other requirements with Skillsoft’s help.”

Not only does Skillsoft’s compliance team keep Lenovo informed about required changes in course content as well as the cadence of each course and who should be taking it. But, Skillsoft also keeps its compliance courses up-to-date.

And now, multi-content configuration has allowed Lenovo to put its policies and language in and around all the courses so that learners know that the training comes from the company. “It’s a way of telling our learners that this course is applicable to them. It is important,” said Broerman Spencer. “But in reality, this is an off-the-shelf course with our corporate wrapping paper around it.”



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of those employees get their compliance training via Skillsoft


What do our customers have to say?

We have Skillsoft’s entire compliance library, and we appreciate it for so many things – namely, the content is constantly evolving to reflect the most up-to-date regulations impacting our employees; there is a wide variety of content offered; and finally, the content is translated into multiple languages to help reach our entire team.

Jennifer Broerman Spencer

Director, Executive Development, Lenovo


Lenovo used to rely on Skillsoft to customize key compliance training courses for employees, but with multi-content configuration Lenovo now has the power and autonomy to customize these courses without Skillsoft’s help.

“Skillsoft gave the power back to its customers,” affirmed Broerman Spencer. “Now we can customize any number of courses in any way we want – without intervention or added cost. We appreciate Skillsoft for looking for ways to streamline processes and continually improve customer experience.”


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