Equipping today’s workforce with the skills for tomorrow

Skillsoft and Codecademy offers an industry-leading suite of learning solutions for technical skills.

Together with Codecademy, Skillsoft now supports one of the largest global communities of digital learners—more than 90 million strong—and offers an industry-leading suite of learning solutions for technical skills, including:

  • Expertise in 14 programming languages across multiple domains including application development, data science, cloud and cybersecurity
  • New ways of learning and an even more immersive learning platform with interactive, self-paced courses and hands-on learning to drive learner engagement and retention, all delivered through our next-generation, AI-driven Percipio platform
  • Additional high-quality content that builds on our robust and diverse library
  • A range of innovative features that can be customized by your organization, including authoring tools and assessments
  • The ability to quickly add new programming languages and technical skills as training demands continue to evolve

As we’re witnessing, the skills of today aren’t necessarily the skills of tomorrow.

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A worldwide community of learners

See how Skillsoft and Codecademy are creating a worldwide community of more than 90 million learners by connecting the needs of the enterprise to those of the learners so new skills can be developed at scale, across industries, globally.

Skillsoft and Codecademy: The next chapter

Understand how Skillsoft and Codecademy are fulfilling their mission to create a world where every person and every team can learn the skills needed for success in the 21st century.