Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Training

The Digital Transformation collection will help you better understand, and find opportunity in, the way technology is changing the face of business today.

Skillsoft helps individuals in the L&D function prepare their workforces for digital transformation by providing powerful new content that will help level the playing field across the organization, in digital readiness.

Skillsoft provides comprehensive topic coverage in Digital Transformation training content

Digital transformation integrates technology into all areas of the business to effectively keep up in today’s ever-changing digital economy.

Utilizing digital technology to drive productivity, increase efficiency, and spur innovation is the number one business imperative for corporations around the world. Every level of talent in the organization has to be digital-ready; not just the individuals in the IT function.

Employees expect their organization to prepare them for the new roles that digital transformation will create. Individuals want to work for organizations who are leaders in the digital space. Yet 90 percent of organizations surveyed believe their core business is threatened by new digital competitors, and 70 percent don’t believe they have the right skills or operating models to adapt.

Our customers agreed. Seventy percent believe their workforce needs to improve their skills to meet the digital transformation opportunity and only 50 percent have a strategy in place. Only 40 percent have training aligned to business goals.

Organizations across all industries are facing the task of supporting the convergence of technical and business acumen. Trends include shorter product development cycles, “product-as-a-service” business model adoption, focus on customer success, big data and analytics as competitive differentiators, and deep collaboration via mission-based teams.

Goals of Digital Transformation courses

Our goal is to help individuals, leaders, and managers:

  • Understand where technology provides the most value to the organization and how to leverage it
  • Become more knowledgeable at a basic level about engineering, analytics, systems, design thinking, Agile, and user experience
  • Identify the potential of technological innovations and determine the revenue-generating possibilities of pursuing them
  • Be ready to spot opportunities for re-framing or extending traditional business models to include a stronger digital dimension
  • Understand the range of ways that digital technologies can be leveraged internally to:
    • Enhance communication and collaboration
    • Increase innovation and streamline operations
    • Improve the performance of individuals and teams
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The Skillsoft difference

HR and L&D organizations have a tremendous task ahead of them to be ready. Only Skillsoft has cutting-edge solutions across a wide range of necessary capabilities—digital skills, leadership, business and management, project management skills, and more—to arm and sustain the workforce through the digital age.

Comprehensive coverage

We’re developing a 40+ course portfolio across seven digital transformation development areas: essentials of transformation technologies, designing digital experiences, agility for digital transformation, digital marketing and communications, virtual collaboration, and emerging digital competencies.

Innovative content treatments

The video-based courses leverage our high-motion iconography with an innovative look and feel. The courses incorporate instructional design practices based on the latest adult learning research.

Flexible content curation

Content can be curated from various collections to create a customized, holistic program for organizations of all sizes in all industries.