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We believe everyone has the potential to be amazing. The integration with Microsoft Viva Learning results from our partnership with Microsoft — a combined effort focused on transforming workplace education and realizing the promise of learning in the flow of work. The resulting experience helps people future-proof their skills by bringing learning to the tools and platforms they use every day.

The integration allows anyone using Microsoft Viva Learning to take advantage of Skillsoft's pre-curated, role-based, and skill-based learning paths within Microsoft Teams. Help your organization adapt and evolve with new skills in broad areas like machine learning, design thinking, blockchain, business skills, and, leadership and management.

Explore your options to integrate Skillsoft content with Microsoft Viva Learning today — and reunite your learners in the flow of work.


  • Your people learn in ways that make sense for them by selecting courses, videos, books, audiobooks, hands-on practice labs, and more from Skillsoft's library of multi-modal content.
  • Aspire Journeys: Pre-curated, role-based, and skill-based learning paths that help companies prepare employees for the high-demand roles needed today and tomorrow.
  • Expertly Curated Channels: We use big data to identify the skills that matter most to leading global companies and organize our content into 1,250+ learning paths, called Channels, containing everything to know about the most in-demand skills worldwide.
  • Simplify learning by bringing Skillsoft's unmatched breadth and depth of expertly curated content together with assets and tools from different sources in one central hub.
  • Automatically push new Skillsoft content directly to Microsoft Viva Learning.
  • Reduce content swapping with inline content updates.
  • Ease the typical curation effort with pre-curated learning paths.


We’ll help you coordinate your integration by walking you through the process from start to finish. Our team will work with you and your IT group to get started. We will be with you every step of the way.



Our integration approach provides learners the best possible Skillsoft experience within Microsoft Viva Learning while minimizing the administrative effort required to get there. The integration leverages specific features of your learning platform to offer the following:

Automated Content Management

Skillsoft synchronizes content information daily, so you always have access to the latest materials. This process can push all licensed content to Microsoft Viva Learning or allow administrators to select content by collection, topic, language, or type, including courses, videos, books, labs, and more. Skillsoft learning paths, including Aspire Journeys and Channels, enable you to benefit from Skillsoft's expert curation.

Learners discover the right content when they need it most with the help of search-optimized titles and descriptions. They further refine search results according to content type for each Skillsoft asset.

Skillsoft's microlearning videos are concise and designed to fit into your learners' busy schedules. Pre-curated, role-based, and skill-based learning paths enable your self-directed people to prepare for the high-demand roles needed today and tomorrow by honing skills in agile development, data science, cloud computing, leadership, and many others. Managers, leaders, and employees can easily recommend this Skillsoft content without leaving Microsoft Teams.

Content updates and retirement are also fully automated and occur inline, which dramatically reduces the administrative effort needed to swap old materials for new assets. Notifications for these changes are provided to administrators to react to new and retiring content quickly.

Content Launch and Consumption

Modern learning experiences often leverage various technologies, including learning management systems, social platforms, portals, and more. Immediate, seamless access to Skillsoft content from within Microsoft Viva Learning — or anywhere in your learning ecosystem — is critical to driving adoption and usage.

As your learners discover Skillsoft content, they will click on the tile to launch and consume in Skillsoft Percipio. Authentication to Percipio uses your standard corporate login credentials.

Tracking Learner Completion to Microsoft Viva Learning

All learner activity is tracked in the Skillsoft Percipio platform.