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Engaging your learners can always feel like an uphill battle. You’ve tried to capture their attention, but the usage numbers aren’t quite where you want them to be. And the manual, time-consuming administrative tasks are burdening your team. There’s a better way. The combination of the SumTotal platform and Skillsoft content offers the best of both worlds — Skillsoft’s engaging learning assets with SumTotal’s expansive, customizable learning administration and user workflows.


  • Content driven by brain science. Designed in partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Accenture to research how the brain processes and retains information, Skillsoft’s scenario-based content is proven to increase engagement and drive higher confidence in skills and abilities applied on the job.

  • Aspire Journeys: Pre-curated, role-based, and skill-based learning paths that help companies prepare employees for the high-demand roles needed today and tomorrow. Learners who use Aspire Journeys are 2x more likely to return to the platform.
  • Expertly Curated Channels: 1250+ learning paths mapped to high-demand skills that matter most to leading global companies. The topics for the learning paths were selected based on 100K+ requests from companies around the globe.
  • Allow your people to learn in ways that make sense for them. Learners may choose to watch videos, read books or summaries, listen to audiobooks, and even apply their new skills with hands-on practice labs.
  • Skillsoft Digital Badges. Learners earn Digital Badges by completing Skillsoft courses and Aspire Journeys in SumTotal — they serve to measure and celebrate accomplishments. Digital badges can be shared across social media platforms and are secured and verified through a blockchain, making them a portable, visual record of achievement.
  • Near real-time tracking is available within SumTotal for all Skillsoft content, including courses, videos, books, audiobooks, book summaries, labs, and test prep.
  • Track activity not only for microlearning content items but also for pre-curated learning paths, including Aspire Journeys and Channels.
  • Enable fast discovery of Skillsoft content within your SumTotal site and the SumTotal mobile app.
  • Skillsoft content launches in-line within your SumTotal site, free of popups, new windows, or tabs.
  • Enable access to Skillsoft content anywhere via the SumTotal mobile app — whether on a phone or tablet — and pick up right where they left off when ready to continue, even if on a different device.
  • View purchased licenses and license expiration dates from SumTotal
  • Automatically push new Skillsoft content directly to SumTotal
  • Reduce content swapping with inline content updates
  • Lessen typical curation effort with pre-curated learning paths
  • Ensure you always have the latest versions of Skillsoft Compliance courses with inline content updates.
  • Configure each course to deliver the messaging, policies, and attestations needed to protect your people and your organization.


We’ll help you coordinate your integration by walking you through the process from start to finish. Our team will work with you and your IT group to get started. We will be with you every step of the way.

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Our integration approach provides learners the best possible Skillsoft experience within SumTotal while minimizing the administrative effort required to get there. The integration leverages specific SumTotal features to deliver the following key benefits:

Automated Content Management

Skillsoft synchronizes content information daily so you always have access to the latest materials. This process can push all licensed content to SumTotal, or allow administrators to select content by collection, topic, language, or type, including courses, videos, books, labs and more. Skillsoft Channels and Journeys can also be included, enabling you to take advantage of our expert curation. Finally, you may also leverage Skillsoft content to design customized learning paths in SumTotal.

Content updates and content retirement are also fully automated and occur inline. This dramatically reduces the administrative effort required to swap old content for new in assignments and learning programs. Notifications for these changes are provided to administrators so that they can quickly react to new and retiring content.

Learners discover the right content when they need it most with the help of search-optimized titles and descriptions. They further refine search results according to each Skillsoft content type.

Content Launch and Consumption

Modern learning experiences often leverage a range of technologies, including learning management systems, social platforms, portals, and more. Immediate, seamless access to Skillsoft content from within SumTotal, or anywhere in your learning ecosystem, is critical to driving adoption and usage. Accomplish this using single sign-on (SSO) and deep links, enabling learners to consume content from any system and on any device.

Skillsoft content launches in-line within your SumTotal site, free of popups, new windows, or tabs, enabling learners to focus on the task at hand. Learners may also discover and consume Skillsoft content in the SumTotal mobile app.

Tracking Learner Completion to SumTotal

Measuring the success of your learning programs requires accurate data. The integration enables near real-time xAPI tracking within SumTotal for all Skillsoft learning paths and content, including courses, videos, books, audiobooks, book summaries, labs, and test prep.

Tracking all learning completions utilizing the SumTotal Tracking Connector is part of the integration’s DNA. All Skillsoft content has active tracking of completions, assessment score, and time invested by the learner. The integration supports the concept of “launch anywhere, track to SumTotal.” What this means is that you can make Skillsoft content available for discovery in SumTotal, through your social platforms, talent tools, or wherever you want to bring learning closer to your people. The completion data flows into SumTotal, where you can use the platform’s analytics tools to measure the impact of Skillsoft content on your programs. All activity data is backed up on our servers in case it is ever needed.

Learn more about the technical details of the integration, including implementation activities, in our Product Knowledge Base.