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A Deeper Integration Aligning Skillsoft with Workday’s Skills and Talent Data

Now in development, the expanded partnership between Skillsoft and Workday includes two innovative platform integrations. The first is an information exchange between Skillsoft and Workday’s Human Capital Management (HCM) system, which enables Skillsoft to gather employee data from Workday to create tailored, highly relevant, role-based skilling pathways for individual learners. The second extends our integration with Workday Learning by connecting Skillsoft learning assets with skills in Workday Skills Cloud, a comprehensive skills ontology, for richer insights about skill development within an organization. These integrations lead to more impactful learning experiences for employees, including AI-driven personalized paths for career development based on their current or aspirational role while allowing organizations to optimize their talent by aligning the skills of their workforce with the strategic needs of their business.

We encourage you to monitor this web page for updates over the coming months.


Competencies are the new currency in the modern workforce. And organizations are under constant pressure to attract and retain talent with the right competencies and skills to achieve their goals. In 2021, 38% of businesses were unable to fill three or more positions.

Integrating Skillsoft and Workday empowers organizations to take on constantly evolving business needs by offering the best of both worlds — the unmatched breadth and depth of Skillsoft’s learning assets, plus the comprehensive learning administration capabilities of the Workday LMS.


  • Deliver Skillsoft content in Workday, including comprehensive courses and videos ideal for microlearning.
  • Stay ahead of rapid change with content continuously updated based on the latest insights and information.
  • Improve the content discovery experience with thumbnail images
  • Track usage and completion of Skillsoft courses and videos no matter where learners discover content — whether in Workday, Microsoft Teams, the Skillsoft Percipio browser plugin, or mobile app.
  • Leverage Workday’s analytics tools to measure the impact of your learning programs.
  • Automatically push new Skillsoft content directly to Workday.
  • Reduce the need for content swapping with inline content updates.
  • Easily configure courses with your intros, policy documents, and attestation statements.
  • Use Workday's tools to assign the right compliance content to the right audience.
  • Take advantage of automated, inline course updates, eliminating the need to swap courses.
  • Track completions in Workday.


We’ll help you coordinate your integration by walking you through the process from start to finish. Our team will work with you and your IT group to get started. We will be with you every step of the way.



Our integration approach provides learners the best possible Skillsoft experience within Workday while minimizing the administrative effort required to get there. The integration leverages specific Workday features to provide the following key benefits:

Automated Content Management

Skillsoft synchronizes content information daily, so you always have access to the latest materials. This process can push all licensed content to Workday, or allow administrators to select content by type, including courses and videos.

Learners discover the right content when they need it most with the help of search-optimized titles and descriptions. They further refine search results according to content type.

You can use Skillsoft’s expansive library of courses and microlearning videos to design your learning paths in Workday.

Content updates and content retirement are also fully automated and occur inline. This dramatically reduces the administrative effort required to swap old content for new in assignments and learning programs. Finally, notifications for these changes are provided to administrators so that they can quickly react to new and retiring content.

Content Launch and Consumption

Modern learning experiences often leverage a range of technologies, including learning management systems, social platforms, portals, and more. Immediate, seamless access to Skillsoft content from within Workday is critical to driving adoption and usage. Accomplish this using single sign-on (SSO) and deep links, enabling learners to consume content on any device.

Tracking Learner Completion to Workday

Measuring the success of your learning programs requires accurate data.

Tracking all learning completions utilizing the Workday Tracking Connector is part of the integration’s DNA. All Skillsoft courses and videos have active tracking of completions. The completion data flows into Workday, where you can use the platform’s analytics tools to measure the impact of Skillsoft content on your programs. All activity data is backed up on our servers if it’s ever needed.