Skillsoft offers several ways for you to integrate Skillsoft learning experiences and content with your Workday LMS. You can make Skillsoft content discoverable within the Workday LMS using a Workday-built connector. Additionally, an industry-leading activity tracking capability ensures all your learner activity is available within Workday reports. While our current integration performs well, we're actively collaborating with Workday on a new integration based on Skillsoft's award-winning learning platform, Percipio. Keep an eye on this website, as we will announce the launch date in the coming months.


  • If you'd prefer not to wait to begin using Skillsoft Percipio, many clients have added Percipio to their ecosystem in a side-by-side model with Workday LMS while awaiting the new integration. This strategy provides learners access to Aspire Journeys, skill-based learning paths, microlearning videos, coding practice labs, digital badges, and other features that drive learner engagement. Once available, the new integration will pull historical learner activity into Workday.
  • Another option while awaiting the new Percipio-based connector is creating a custom integration through your Workday SI partner using Workday Studio or Workday Enterprise Interface Builder (EIB). These integrations can provide content synchronization and activity tracking capabilities explicitly designed for your environment. Skillsoft service teams offer consulting and support for Skillsoft integration APIs and tools used to develop these integrations.


We’ll help you coordinate your integration by walking you through the process from start to finish. Our team will work with you and your IT group to get started. We will be with you every step of the way.



As with all our learning platform integrations, Skillsoft strives to ensure a rich content experience for learners, low-effort administration, and a simple implementation process. The benefits outlined below represent our expectations for the new integration but may change before release.

  • Aspire Journeys: Pre-curated, role-based, and skill-based learning paths that help companies prepare employees for the high-demand roles needed today and tomorrow.

    This deep learning experience is organized into a simple linear path, allowing learners to build mastery with confidence. Along the way, assessments and hands-on practice labs enable learners to measure skill progression objectively.

    Learners using Aspire Journeys are 2x more likely to return to their platform and re-engage.
  • Expertly Curated Channels: 700+ learning paths mapped to high-demand skills that matter most to leading global companies.
  • Learners choose their preferred method of learning by selecting courses, videos, books, audio, labs, and more from Skillsoft’s expansive digital library of multi-modal content.
  • Enjoy the benefits of Skillsoft Percipio—higher adoption and engagement, continuous learning, and the knowledge that 97% of learners using Percipio have applied or will apply what they’ve learned on the job.
  • Track usage and completion for courses and videos
  • Track usage and completion for books and audiobooks
  • Monitor your learners’ progress to identify trends and refine programs accordingly

Please Note: The Skillsoft team is exploring additional tracking capabilities at this time. Please monitor this webpage for updates in the coming months.

  • Simplify the experience by minimizing the number of clicks
  • Eliminate utilization barriers such as extra logins and screens
  • Automatically push new Skillsoft content directly to Workday
  • Reduce content swapping with inline content updates
  • Lessen typical curation effort with pre-curated learning paths
  • Ensure you always have the latest versions of Skillsoft Compliance courses with inline content updates
  • Easily configure each course to deliver the messaging, policies, and attestations needed to protect your people and your organization