According to the World Economic Forum, 75% of companies plan to adopt new technologies (Cybersecurity, AI, Data, Cloud, etc.) over the next five years.

As companies like yours invest so much to ensure your organization stays competitive, future-ready, and poised for innovation, how can you ensure the workforce you have is the one you need?

Integrating Skillsoft and Workday HCM empowers you to understand the current state of skills across your organization so you can help propel your people to grow and make informed talent decisions.

The integration imports each employee's job role from Workday HCM into Skillsoft's AI-driven skilling platform, offering personalized recommendations on the home page to develop skills, grow careers, and transform your organization.


The integration automatically imports job role and job level data from Workday into the Skillsoft platform. Learners discover personalized recommendations to develop skills that help them perform in their current role or build toward an aspirational position.

The integration automatically pushes skills gained from Skillsoft to Workday, ensuring accurate tracking and visibility of all skill advancements.

Optimize your talent by aligning the skills of your workforce with the strategic needs of your business.