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Developing and Deploying Static Sites

  • 13 Courses | 8h 30m 46s
  • 17 Labs | 17h 10m
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HTML and CSS provide the basis for structuring a webpage and styling it. Version control allows you easily maintain and edit your code. Hosting a site means it can be shared online. In this Journey, you will begin by learning about the field of web development and learning HTML. In the second track, you will learn how to add CSS to your HTML. In the third track, you will develop sites on your own computer using a text editor, your command line, and a browser. In the final track, you will apply version control to your sites and deploy online to share with others.

Track 1: HTML Fundamentals

In this track of the Developing and Deploying Static Sites Aspire Journey, the focus will be on the internet, the field of web development, and HTML fundamentals.

  • 3 Courses | 2h 19m 1s
  • 3 Labs | 3h

Track 2: CSS Fundamentals

In this track of the Developing and Deploying Static Sites Aspire Journey, the focus will be on CSS selectors, visual rules, the box model, display, and positioning.

  • 4 Labs | 4h

Track 3: Local Development with HTML and CSS

In this track of the Developing and Deploying Static Sites Aspire Journey, the focus will be on using a text editor, development tools, CSS color and typography, and combining HTML and CSS.

  • 3 Courses | 1h 51m 35s
  • 6 Labs | 6h 10m

Track 4: Git, GitHub, and Deployment

In this track of the Developing and Deploying Static Sites Aspire Journey, the focus will be on git, GitHub, hosting, and deploying a site.

  • 7 Courses | 4h 20m 10s
  • 4 Labs | 4h


Introduction to Web Accessibility
Web accessibility is a must in today's world. Discover why web accessibility is important. Explore the types of disabilities that need to be addressed, as well as the different kinds of assistive technology.
17 videos | 40m has Assessment available Badge
HTML5 & Accessibility
HTML5 is the markup language that fuels the web and it's designed for accessibility. Explore HTML5's accessibility features, new HTML5 elements, media elements, and JavaScript.
15 videos | 38m has Assessment available Badge


Programming Fundamentals : Command Line Interface & Operating System Commands
In computer programming, commands are a common method of interacting with a computer to perform specific operations. A computer's command line interface (CLI) tool is used to enter, accept, and forward commands to the computer's operating system (OS). The commands and CLI will vary depending on the OS used (Microsoft, Linux, macOS, etc.) Use this course to get started with some of the most common commands used in Windows and Linux systems. Learn the commands that generate the most return in terms of productivity, such as engaging with files, folders, and programs. In doing this, become comfortable with using Windows and Linux CLIs. By the end of the course, you'll be able to execute the most frequently used commands on a Windows or Linux system.
12 videos | 1h 1m has Assessment available Badge


Git & GitHub: Introduction
This 6-video course is the first in a 3-course series that explores the concepts of version control systems in general and the popular control system Git, an open-source version-distributed system which tracks changes in source code during software development. The course covers the web-based platform GitHub, which simplifies team collaboration when sharing source code. Participants will examine the features of control systems and learn to use Git repositories to track the desired project source code. Since Git is designed to coordinate work among programmers, this course explores branching and merging the code developed by a team. You will learn how teams can develop code collaboratively when building features for an app, by using branches in Git. This course demonstrates the feature branches used to merge code into the main master branch of a Git repository. Learn to identify merge conflicts. Finally, you will explore GitHub which supports all popular programming languages by demonstrating the features GitHub uses to manage Git repositories, and how GitHub assists in streamlining the iteration process.
6 videos | 31m has Assessment available Badge
Working with GitHub
GitHub can be leveraged to provide powerful versioning for software projects. Explore GitHub workflow, requests, collaboration, and the GitHub Desktop application.
15 videos | 1h 3m has Assessment available Badge


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