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Prompt Engineering for Programmers to Learn Version Control

  • 4 Courses | 4h 19m 52s
Explore the dynamic realm of Git with the strategic lens of prompt engineering, a methodical approach to mastering Git for developers. This learning journey highlights the principles of Git version control, leveraging generative AI prompts to enhance the overall learning experience. In this comprehensive learning journey, delve into Git fundamentals using prompt engineering, gaining proficiency in essential version control concepts, remote repository management, and branching strategies. Explore advanced Git techniques, employing generative AI prompts for seamless navigation and understanding of complex scenarios.

Track 1: Prompt-driven Git Learning

In this track of the Prompt Engineering for Programmers to Learn Version Control Skillsoft Aspire journey, the focus will be on using prompt engineering and generative AI to learn Git.

  • 4 Courses | 4h 19m 52s


Prompt Engineering for Git: Leveraging Prompt Engineering to Learn Git
Version control systems allow you to track changes to your code over time and collaborate on projects. They are widely used in software development, but can also be used for other purposes, such as tracking changes to documentation, website code, or other types of files. Git is a popular version control system that has a steep learning curve for beginners but with help from generative AI tools you'll find that learning Git is easy and intuitive. In this course, you will start with the basics of Git and learn the difference between local Git repositories and remote repositories on hosting services such as GitHub and GitLab. You will develop prompts with generative AI tools such as ChatGPT and use their responses to guide you while you are exploring Git commands. Next, you will learn how to use Git for version control and how to add files to the staging area. After that, you will commit your files to your repository and view all of the commits. Finally, you will learn how to perform operations such as restoring and modifying staged files and how to use commit hashes to uniquely identify commits and perform operations on them.
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Prompt Engineering for Git: Working with Remote Repositories & Generative AI
GitHub, in conjunction with Git, provides a powerful framework for collaboration in software development. Git handles version control locally, while GitHub extends this functionality by serving as a remote repository, enabling teams to collaborate seamlessly by sharing, reviewing, and managing code changes. In this course, you will begin by setting up a GitHub account and authenticating yourself from the local repo using personal access tokens. You will then push your code to the remote repository and view the commits. Next, you will explore additional features of Git and GitHub using generative AI tools as a guide. You will also create another user to collaborate on your remote repository, and you'll sync changes made by other users to your local repo. Finally, you will explore how to merge divergent branches. You will discover how to resolve a divergence using the merge method with help from ChatGPT and bring your local repository in sync with remote changes.
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Prompt Engineering for Git: Using Prompt Engineering to Work with Git Branches
Branches are separate, independent lines of development for people working on different features. Once you have finished your work, you can merge all your branches together. You will start this course by creating separate feature branches on Git and pushing commits to these branches. You will use prompt engineering to get the right commands to use for branching and working on branches. You will also explore how to develop your code on the main branch, switch branches, and then ultimately commit to a feature branch. Next, you will explore how you can stash changes to your project to work on them later. Finally, you will discover how to resolve divergences in the branches. You will try out both the merge and rebase methods and confirm that the branch commits are combined properly.
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Final Exam: Prompt Engineering for Programmers to Learn Version Control
Final Exam: Prompt Engineering for Programmers to Learn Version Control will test your knowledge and application of the topics presented throughout the Final Exam: Prompt Engineering for Programmers to Learn Version Control journey.
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