Aspire Journeys

Using Linux

  • 9 Courses | 5h 35m
  • 6 Labs | 5h 10m
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The Using Linux Aspire Journey is designed to guide you through the intricacies of operating this powerful and versatile computing platform. Starting with command line basics, you will learn to navigate and interact with your computer in a highly efficient manner. The journey also takes you through an introduction to the Linux OS and bash scripting for automation and task management on the platform. The concluding part of this journey delves into the world of Open Source, enlightening you about contributions to Open Source projects and the philosophy behind this collaborative approach. By the end of this aspire journey, you will have a commanding understanding of Linux and Open Source technologies, setting a solid foundation for a career in system administration, software development, or other areas where knowledge of Linux is highly sought.

Track 1: Learn Command Line

In this track of Using Linux, the focus will be on learning to use a quick, powerful, text-based interface developers use to more effectively and efficiently communicate with computers to accomplish a wider set of tasks.

  • 3 Labs | 3h

Track 2: Introduction to Linux

In this track of Using Linux, the focus will be on Linux OS and bash scripting on Linux OS.

  • 4 Courses | 2h 40m
  • 2 Labs | 1h 10m

Track 3: Introduction to Open Source

In this track of Using Linux, the focus will be on Open Source and contributing to Open Source projects.


  • 5 Courses | 2h 55m
  • 1 Lab | 1h


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