Lean into Learning 2022

Explore the evolving digital learning landscape and how it will affect the modern workforce.

What’s New: A Social Compact Built on Growth

The social compact between employee and employer has evolved. Gone are the days in which employees are solely seeking for compensation from their next opportunity. Now, they need to be sold on the company’s vision, mission, goals, social responsibility and investment in their future. On the other hand, employers need their teams to constantly upgrade their skills just to remain competitive.

In order to achieve true enterprise transformation, businesses today need to be focused on building a culture of learning centered around upskilling their talent in power skills and in-demand tech, investing in a sustainable workforce, and leveraging the power of DEI.

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The State of the Modern Workforce

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According to Accenture, failing to meet the skills demand could put $11.5 Trillion in potential GDP growth at risk over the next decade.

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Although fewer IT leaders reported skills gaps, roughly half of IT professionals seek opportunities with different employers, particularly to earn and learn more.

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In Skillsoft’s 2022 IT Skills & Salary report, 91% of respondents held at least one certification, with the average IT employee holding four, demonstrating a current and robust value perception around certification.

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According to McKinsey & Company, organizations in the top quartile for ethnic & cultural diversity among executives were 36% more likely to achieve above-average profitability.

Year-Over-Year Learning Consumption Trends

Via Skillsoft’s Percipio Platform

Digital Badges

15.8 million digital badges earned by learners upon completion of Skillsoft courses and/or Aspire Journeys, a 25% increase from 2021.

Learning Hours

37% increase in learning hours as organizations looked to upskill their employees.

The Power of Power Skills

32% increase in Leadership & Business Skills learning hours, showcasing the growing importance of power skills.

Trending Technical Skills

7 out of 10 new topics featured in our top 10 trending technical skills this year, including Java, Networking Core Concepts and IT Hardware Technician.

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The Components to Building a Strong Social Compact

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Lean into Learning covers:

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  • The importance of building strong social compacts between employee and employer
  • How to build meaningful learning and development programs

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