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Case Studies (PDF)

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Business-Services apac Allianz Global Assistance more information Download

Allianz Global Assistance

Find out how Allianz Global Assistance implemented innovative and scalable solutions critical to its growing training development cycle, including the introduction of a character who loves to learn to deliver elearning with edutainment value that still aligned with AGA's business goals.

Length: 1 page

Mining emea ArcelorMittal more information Download


Excel is extremely popular within ArcelorMittal. To maximise Excel's versatility and functionality, ArcelorMittal knew they needed to expand the current training available. However, logistics meant any new training introduced would have to move beyond the classroom and offer employees opportunities for both practice and tangible support.

Length: 1 page

Education americas ARPCT more information Download


Thanks to the breadth and depth of Skillsoft's course offerings, staff no longer have the burden of becoming experts in various business and technology topics. ARPCT introduced Skillsoft IT Skills Courseware Collection, Skillsoft Desktop Skills Courseware Collection, Skillsoft Business Skills Courseware Collection and Skillport LMS.

Length: 1 page

Insurance apac Arthur J. Gallagher more information Download

Arthur J. Gallagher

Prior to working Skillsoft, it was difficult for AJG to deliver consistent and streamlined training across more than 30 branches Australia-wide, affect change and deliver a comprehensive training program that allowed their brokers to meet the annual requirement of 25 hours of professional development each year. With Skillsoft's guidance and ongoing support, AJG developed a number of very clear learning pathways offering employees learning that is not only effective for their existing role, but will also help them be successful in future roles and achieve their career aspirations.

Length: 4 pages

Aerospace-Defense emea BAE - IT Security more information Download

BAE - IT Security

BAE Systems wanted to implement a mandatory IT security awareness programme that would give all employees training on how to spot and combat the latest cyber threats. The Skillsoft development team created specifically tailored courseware that met a complex mix of requirements, including custom content and storyboards, that delivered on every level and spoke to all workforce audiences.

Length: 1 page

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Video Testimonials

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Content Capgemini's Marijke Dekker more information Play

Capgemini's Marijke Dekker

In her previous role with CapGemini, Ms. Dekker didn't work with us directly and wondered why there were so many learning assets. Now in a role where she works with various business partners, she appreciates that no matter what learning needs emerge, Skillsoft has something to meet the need.

Length: 00:00:34

Content Catapult Technology's Katie Cawood more information Play

Catapult Technology's Katie Cawood

Catapult's Katie Cawood prepared for her PHR certification exam using only Skillsoft resources (and passed!). She believes her experience has set a good example in the company and built credibility for eLearning and Skillsoft within her organization.

Length: 00:01:10

Content Davenport University's Lynda Cribari more information Play

Davenport University's Lynda Cribari

For Davenport University, Skillsoft is the way to go when it comes to an affordable way to address the budget cuts that many organizations are dealing with now that challenge them to do more with less.

Length: 00:00:38

Content Hitachi Consulting's Jennifer Crowfoot more information Play

Hitachi Consulting's Jennifer Crowfoot

Hitachi Consulting developed a custom course that replaced a two-day classroom session. This eLearning module helped them save on travel costs and billable hours, earning the organization a 200% ROI on their learning investment.

Length: 00:00:58

Content University of Alberta's Cynthia Munro more information Play

University of Alberta's Cynthia Munro

The University of Alberta's Cynthia Munro was surprised by the amount of relevant content they were able to get from Skillsoft, leading to topic discoveries like project management, and the leadership and IT resources people had been asking for.

Length: 00:00:42

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more information


Business Career and Family Challenges for Women Leaders Course more information Launch

Career and Family Challenges for Women Leaders

Women face unique challenges in the workplace, including the difficulty in balancing work and family. Their experience in running both a family and a career also provides them with unique value and perspective. In this course, you'll learn how to conquer some of the challenges of career and family, including building a support system, overcoming the perfection mindset, and reframing your limiting beliefs.

Length: 00:19:00

Business Overcoming Your Own Unconscious Biases Course more information Launch

Overcoming Your Own Unconscious Biases

Part of understanding the role of unconscious bias in the workplace is admitting to yourself that you have biases too. Once you've accepted it, you can take steps to overcome those biases and embrace workplace diversity. In this course, you'll learn how to recognize and observe your own biases. You'll also learn how to stop, collaborate, and move past your biases. Finally, you'll learn what to do if a bias flares up again.

Length: 00:22:00

Business Maximize Your Productivity by Managing Time and Tasks Course more information Launch

Maximize Your Productivity by Managing Time and Tasks

The amount of time available to you is constant — you can't buy more and you can't save it for later. What you can do is increase your productivity — the value you produce in the time you have. And the better you understand your own personal productivity, the easier it will be to manage your time effectively. In this course, you'll learn about managing tasks in a way that maximizes your productivity. You'll discover the benefits of setting goals and how productivity is tied to your ability to assess time and set priorities. You'll learn about the process of "chunking" your time and the principles of efficient scheduling. You'll also learn about the different types of to-do lists and how to use them effectively.

Length: 00:21:00

Business Supply Chain Management Basics: Cutting Costs and Optimizing Delivery Course more information Launch

Supply Chain Management Basics: Cutting Costs and Optimizing Delivery

Supply chain management, which is an integral part of operations management, is essential for both manufacturing and service organizations. It involves coordinating all the operations involved in designing, making, and delivering products or services to customers in order to manage costs and meet customer demands as efficiently as possible. In the course, you'll learn about the main components of a supply chain, the key objectives and drivers of supply chain management, and the characteristics of supply chain management in service organizations. You'll also learn how to select and combine appropriate supply chain management strategies, and how to measure their efficiency by considering certain key performance areas.

Length: 00:28:00

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Platform Technology


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Learning Platform Percipio - Intelligent Learning Platform Video Demo more information Launch

Percipio - Intelligent Learning Platform

Percipio, an intelligent online learning platform, leverages highly engaging content, curated into over 500 learning channels that are continuously updated to. With Percipio learners choose how they want to learn with videos to watch, books or summaries to read and audiobooks to listen

Length: 03:08

Content Delivery Systems Skillport Tour Video Demo more information Launch

Skillport Tour

Highlights of the searchable, intuitive, social, fast, and mobile-enabled Skillport 8i content delivery system.

Length: 00:01:04

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Upcoming Webinars

Date / Time Region Title More Info  
AMERICAS Developing Digital Dexterity in The Modern Organization more information Register

Developing Digital Dexterity in The Modern Organization

Tuesday, May 29th, 2018 @ 11 – 12 p.m. ET

Is your workforce ready for digital transformation?

Digital transformation demands the investment and realignment of technology, business models, and work processes to create innovative experiences for customers and employees. 92% of companies are attempting to build a digital culture, yet 86% are uncertain of how to tackle the challenge. How can you develop a digitally-dexterous workforce? In this webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • Benefits of a digital-ready workforce, such as capitalizing on technological innovations and revenue-generating opportunities
  • Equipping your employees with core digital competencies and training on digital concepts, tools and methodologies
  • Reframing traditional business models and work processes to include a strong digital dimension

Date/Time: 05/29/2018

AMERICAS Break Your Own Rules: Changing the Thought Patterns that Block Women’s Paths to Power more information Register

Break Your Own Rules: Changing the Thought Patterns that Block Women’s Paths to Power

Thursday, May 31st, 2018 @ 11 a.m. – 12 p.m. ET

In this webinar, New York Times bestselling author and former C-suite executive Mary Davis Holt will offer a prescriptive plan to break the cycle that has held women back from the highest levels of leadership. She will share her proven method for how women can “get out of their own way” to secure high-ranking positions, while also providing clarity on what female executives bring to the table.

Through this webinar, you’ll:

  • Identify the “rules” you’ve made for yourself (and why you should break them!)
  • Change the thought patterns that could be limiting your career
  • Create an actionable game plan

Date/Time: 05/31/2018

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On-Demand Webinars

Date Region Title More Info  
05/21/2018 americas Learning and Development for All: Make the Most of your Modern Workforce more information Play

Learning and Development for All: Make the Most of your Modern Workforce


Benny Ramos

Date/Time: -

04/30/2018 AMERICAS The Hidden Training Need: Support Employee Growth and Productivity through Productivity & Collaboration Tools Training more information Play

The Hidden Training Need: Support Employee Growth and Productivity through Productivity & Collaboration Tools Training

Support Employee Growth and Productivity through Productivity & Collaboration Tools Training

Emily Wiese, VP Digital Skills, Skillsoft

Date/Time: -

04/26/2018 EMEA Improving your gender pay gap more information Play

Improving your gender pay gap

This webinar on demand explores the common themes that organisations have faced in reporting their gender pay gap and offers practical advice on improving diversity in leadership. In this webinar on demand you will:

  • Explore the challenges faced by women in senior leadership teams and how to overcome them
  • Learn how gender pay gap reporting can trigger change
  • Appreciate how data analysis can identify D&I issues
  • Recognise how D&I coaching can help improve employee effectiveness
  • Hear first-hand case studies of how other organisations are progressing their equality agenda.

Date/Time: -

04/24/2018 AMERICAS Mastering Your Executive Presence, Part Two more information Play

Mastering Your Executive Presence, Part Two

Are you showing up with your best self and gaining the credibility and respect you deserve as a leader? Studies indicate that executive presence is one of the top two differentiators for not only advancing to the senior ranks, but also being able to influence others. In this engaging session, participants will learn that having a commanding presence is not just about having personal power but also about empowering others.
In part two of this webinar series, you’ll learn about:
* Definition of Executive Presence
* Research on Executive Presence – Its Connection Leadership Effectiveness
* Building Confidence: Foundation of Executive Presence
* Four Step Framework on Executive Presence
* Putting a Plan Together for Capitalizing on Your Presence

Date/Time: - 04/17/2018

04/04/2018 AMERICAS GDPR: What Companies Need to Do to Prepare more information Play

GDPR: What Companies Need to Do to Prepare

In this webinar you’ll hear:

  • How to make end user notices transparent, clear and concise, yet include all of the required contents (Articles 12 and 13)
  • How to implement data protection contract requirements, including security controls, with your suppliers/processors (Article 28), including addressing audit
  • How to minimize your organization’s exposure to EU enforcement for non-compliance, and a potential maximum fine of 4% of annual revenue

Douglas G. Bonner

Date/Time: - 04/04/18

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White Papers (PDF)

Topic Region Title More Info  
GDPR EMEA GDPR: Best Practice for Data Protection in the Information Age more information Download

GDPR: Best Practice for Data Protection in the Information Age

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a watershed moment for data security and citizens’ rights. After four years of discussions, the new regulation was ratified in December 2016 and will go live in all European Union (EU) member states on the 25th May 2018. But what does it mean exactly? What are its principles? And what are the best ways for organisations to ensure they are compliant? This whitepaper will clarify the details around GDPR and offer best practices for companies to implement.

Length: 15 pages

Improving Business Performance EMEA Are Your Employees Digital Ready? more information Download

Are Your Employees Digital Ready?

Today’s workplace requires employees to be digital ready: they need both technical and cognitive skills to efficiently use provided productivity and collaboration tools. What assessment and enablement supports are available when employees are hired with knowledge and skills gaps? Once skill gaps are identified, how do you assess and meet employee learning needs?

Assessing and training employees in digital skills results in improved productivity, innovation, agility, and work quality. This whitepaper explores the impact of digital skills gaps on organizations, how to determine if you have a gap in productivity and collaboration tools skills, and how to improve digital skills across your organization.

Length: 10 Pages

Improving Business Performance americas The Bedrock of IT Security: It Starts with Training more information Download

The Bedrock of IT Security: It Starts with Training

Uninformed, careless, or disgruntled employees can create profound information security disruptions and IT experts bear the burden. Learm how training your current staff reduces the time, cost and headache of replacing scarce resources and keeps valuable institutional knowledge in house for the consistency and continuity you need to protect your systems.

Length: 9 pages

Improving Business Performance americas The Changing Role of the CIO more information Download

The Changing Role of the CIO

No department within an organization has undergone such a profound change as that of IT. The platforms used to deliver IT products and services, the tools-of-the-trade and skillsets required to do the job have changed. On top of all that, the IT function is now being integrated into the company's other operations and is expected to operate as a business-within-abusiness. Overseeing this sea change is the CIO. This paper examines how the role of the CIO has been evolving to meet today's new world of IT.

Length: 12 pages

Improving Business Performance americas Integrating Compliance with Business Strategy: The Skillsoft Compliance Maturity Model more information Download

Integrating Compliance with Business Strategy: The Skillsoft Compliance Maturity Model

Complex and continually evolving regulatory standards are placing increased pressure on our customers to "do the right thing and do it right now." That's why we've established Skillsoft Global Compliance Solutions: to offer training solutions and management tools to assist our customers in promoting ethical and lawful cultures, reducing legal and regulatory violations and minimize their exposure to operational risk.

Length: 8 pages

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Industry Research Reports (PDF)

Author Title More Info  
Aberdeen Group Trending Now: Social Learning more information Download

Trending Now: Social Learning

In this report from Aberdeen Group, learn more about the practice of social learning, how best-in-class companies are making it work for them and what business impact you might realize by adopting social learning in your organization.

Length: 8 pages

Aberdeen Group Mobile Learning: Moving Companies Forward more information Download

Mobile Learning: Moving Companies Forward

Implementing mobile learning can increase revenue, improve employee performance, and ensure a strong, reliable core of employees and managers who are ready to step into bigger leadership roles. For those without mobile learning in place, though, the notion of implementation can sound pretty daunting. Beyond taking into account how Best-in-Companies have implemented mobile learning, this report tells you what to consider if you decide mobile learning is right for your organization.

Length: 10 pages

Aberdeen Group Newbies to New Leaders: Closing Critical Skill Gaps with Learning more information Download

Newbies to New Leaders: Closing Critical Skill Gaps with Learning

This study, based on responses collected from 185 organizations between July and September 2013, looks at how organizations connect learning to business priorities, create development programs that impact every stage of the employee lifecycle, and utilize technology to support learning initiatives. It also examines the business impact of building learning capability and running effective learning programs.

Length: 24 pages

Aberdeen Group Aberdeen Report: Zoom in on Video Learning more information Download

Aberdeen Report: Zoom in on Video Learning

This research brief illustrates why video content is an essential part of any organization’s learning strategy. Videos offer busy professionals access to bite-size chunks of content on the go and a valuable resource for on-the-job problem solving. Whether it’s powerful leadership tips from a top executive or a quick how-to on popular software, videos facilitate growth and address skill gaps. And organizations benefit from improved performance, talent development and employ retention.

Length: 6 pages

Bersin by Deloitte Nine Steps for Selecting an LMS more information Download

Nine Steps for Selecting an LMS

Approximately 600 LMS providers exist worldwide. How will you choose? In this research, Bersin by Deloitte identifies leading LMS selection practices and aligns them with a nine-step buying cycle.

Length: 31 pages

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