Skillsoft to Join iamtheCODE During Visit to Kakuma Refugee Camp to Celebrate Girls in ICT Day 2022

BOSTON – April 27, 2022 – Skillsoft Corp. (NYSE: SKIL) (“Skillsoft” or the “Company”), a global leader in corporate digital learning, today announced its participation in Girls in ITC Day 2022, at the Kakuma, Kenya refugee camp. The international celebration organized by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) focuses on promoting STEM education and careers for girls and young women, consistent with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Skillsoft Chief Marketing Officer Michelle Boockoff-Bajdek will accompany iamtheCODE founder Lady Mariéme Jamme to the camp to mark the celebration and to demonstrate the recently announced digital learning platform as the next phase of their partnership to help young women and girls develop high-value technology skills and foster transformative growth.

Over time, iamtheCODE expects to expand access to one of the world’s most intuitive digital learning experiences by enhancing the platform with Codecademy, recently acquired by Skillsoft, to deliver the first integrated learning journey featuring Codecademy’s interactive technical lessons. The 12-week program focuses on teaching four core, in-demand programming languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python), as well as skills development in wellbeing, design, innovation, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

“This visit is another major step in supporting iamtheCODE to achieve its ambitious goal to help one million girls learn to code by 2030,” said Jeff Tarr, CEO of Skillsoft. “This work is central to Skillsoft’s social impact mission. The 12-week blended learning curriculum, which combines courses with Codecademy hands-on practice labs, aims to meet the specific needs of African youth, sparking their curiosity in high-value technology skills, and building their confidence as they progress on their learning journey through mastery and eventually opportunity. At Skillsoft, we are truly inspired by iamtheCODE’s mission and their desire to use education to improve outcomes for African youth.”

“On days like ‘Girls in ITC Day’, it’s especially important that we encourage young people, and young women from marginalized communities, to develop critical technology skills, in particular learning to code and online safety practices. We're proud to support this effort with our intuitive online and offline interface,” said Lady Mariéme Jamme. “iamtheCODE’s digital platform built with the strong team from Skillsoft, creates a sustainable learning journey for marginalized communities all across the world.”

iamtheCODE is the first African-led global movement to mobilize government, private-sector, and philanthropic foundations to advance STEAMD education for women and girls in marginalized communities.

The program aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals to empower marginalized women and girls across the world. iamtheCODE’s mission is a direct implementation of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to improve economic outcomes for women and girls and is also a focus of the World Economic Forum’s Reskilling Revolution.

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