Close the skills gap by assessing where your learners are and where they need to go next.

When it comes to staying competitive, skills are the new currency.

According to an ATD study, 83% of organizations report skills gaps in their workforces, despite investment in new learning and development initiatives. Why? The study found that many organizations felt that current workforce skills do not match changes in the company’s strategy, goals, markets, or business models. But hiring new talent is costly.

So, it's critical to have the ability to assess, fortify, index, and track in-house skills to align with business needs.

Skillsoft Skill Benchmarks enable organizations to measure learners' proficiency across the most in-demand technology, leadership, and business skills and deliver personalized development paths to expedite skill mastery. Available within Skillsoft Percipio, our immersive learning platform, Skill Benchmarks are the only diagnostic assessments that measure learners' skills against objective learning standards — not merely how they compare to other learners. Skill Benchmarks empower organizations to make informed, data-driven decisions based on a talent inventory to put the right people in the right roles at the right time.

For a limited time only, we are offering a free Skill Benchmark Assessment across four leading topics, including:

  1. Leading Change – learn how well your team manages change and how to facilitate change management for positive results.
  2. Team Management - assess your current leadership competencies, find your strengths, and explore areas where you can further learn and grow.
  3. Cloud - measure your team’s ability to recognize key terms and concepts related to key cloud technologies
  4. Cybersecurity - evaluate your team’s ability to identify terms associated with security risks, discern different types of attacks, and contribute to reducing security risk.

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