Powered Up 5 Reasons To Prioritize Business Skills

According to KPMG, 65% of CIOs report that a lack of talent is holding their organization back and that they’re unable to keep pace with changes in technology. Even worse, according to Gartner, only 9% of CHROs agree that their organization is prepared for the future of work.

You can see this as a threat … or an opportunity.

As the digital economy continues to emerge and evolve, you have an opportunity to get and stay ahead of those trends and the competition. The key is to uncover and embrace new ways to address changing technologies effectively and efficiently. With an agile workforce, equipped with the latest technical know-how, you’ll drive innovation and create a resilient, high-performance culture.

In this eBook, you’ll find five critical skilling differentiators that will help your organization thrive today and tomorrow.

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