Preventing cyber-attacks with lessons from covid-19

What to stop & start in 2021

Is your team future ready?

“Most cyberattacks are a function of human error, lack of good training, and lack of employee attachment and commitment to staying on that training.”

-Brian Deese, Biden Chair of the National Economic Council.

People, policy, and technology are the core ingredients of effective cybersecurity. Damaging attacks occur from failing to recognize their intersectionality. Nearly 80% of intrusions are known tactics and largely preventable. The “PREVENTING CYBER-ATTACKS WITH LESSONS FROM COVID-19” from Skillsoft and Security Innovation will help guide you and your team towards the future-ready skills needed in 2021, with lessons learned from 2020. Download today, build a practical plan and explore:

  • 8 lessons to apply from COVID-19
  • 8 things to stop doing in 2021
  • 6 things to start doing in 2021
  • 5 skills to develop in 2021

Start where you are, and build skills. Mitigation is preparing for fights you can win.

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