Can traditional leadership programs address the ambiguity that business leaders face today? Are they tailored to the individual work life of an employee? Can they create the right habits to meet the challenges posed by the numerous digital disruptions affecting business today?

The modern workplace requires leaders to navigate digital transformation, build customer-centric processes and cultures, and design people-centered innovation and diversity to thrive in today's uncertain business environment.

This exclusive guidebook brought to you by Skillsoft in association with People Matters, will support you to fast-track the growth of your leaders by building a super learning environment that combines the best of digital, experiential, and instructor-led learning. Download the guidebook, and get answers on the following:

  • The problem with leadership development.
  • The success framework for transformative leadership.
  • The power of personalized coaching and how to do it.
  • Technology tools to accelerate your success.
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