Executive’s Guide to Protecting Information

Free Manager Course

This 13-video course (45 minutes) explores data protection for businesses, including devices, social media, and good governance through security principles, policies, and programs. You will examine several types of security threats, the different types of network attacks, the role physical security plays in the protection of corporate data, and the human element of security threats. You will examine clickjacking and URL spoofing. Finally, this course discusses the legal and financial ramifications of a major security breach, the importance of having a security policy, training personnel, password protection, and managing a company's security.


  • Describe best practices for working with and handling corporate information while traveling
  • Discuss problems presented by organizational and personal e-mail, and best practices for working with e-mail, including how to protect yourself from spam
  • Specify the proper ways to handle sensitive company information, including the differences between working with online data and physical media
  • practices, devices and social media, and corporate security principles and programs

Jamie Campbell

With almost 25 years as an IT consultant, marketing communications expert, and professional writer, Jamie Campbell is a technology enthusiast with a passion for gadgets and a flair for problem solving. He’s worked in the IT, publishing, and automotive industries, and he’s also an accomplished graphic designer. In addition, he’s been a technology instructor at prestigious design and technology colleges. He writes for tech blogs and has authored and published four novels.