Differentiation Guide - Skillport and Skillsoft Percipio

Skillsoft Percipio delivers immersive learning that lets learners "watch," "read," "listen," and "practice." And ELSA, a Skillsoft Percipio browser plug-in, enables learners to search, discover, and learn in real-time and in the context of their everyday workflow without leaving their browser. So, whether they’re ready for something new or just need an answer fast, Percipio is the easiest, most effective way to learn.

For administrators, Skillsoft Percipio provides reports and dashboards for easy data visualization of assignments, programs, and usage, so you can better articulate the ROI, value, and business impact of learning across your organization.

This differentiation guide offers a side-by-side comparison of the features found in Skillsoft’s legacy platform, Skillport, and newest learning platform, Percipio.

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