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Equality says, “Everyone is treated the same here”. Equity challenges and acts, “What policies, systems, and practices must be addressed or dismantled for everyone to be treated fairly?”

Aspiring to become an organization that values merit as a principle and in practice is noble, however, its impact can be detrimental to progress. The assumption that everyone is treated the same based on their skills (equality) can hamper the organization’s and leadership’s capacity to be critical of the systems, policies, and practices that need a change for everyone to experience a fair and inclusive work culture (equity).

Equity is truly the capstone of the journey through diversity, inclusion, and equality, and the best part about achieving equity is the unique and intangible sense of community and engagement it creates.

People Matters and Skillsoft hosted Leadercamp- a two days learning event which focused on creating an equitable and hence, an equal workplace.

What did it offer:

The program laid the groundwork for fostering a truly inclusive and equitable workplace—that not only offers innovation but results in happier and healthier teams.

  • The sessions offered practical learning and tools around Inclusive Leadership, Disrupting Unconscious Bias, Intercultural Essentials, and How to Be an Ally.
  • Map your journey towards inclusive excellence, and contribute to an organization’s goal of being one of the best places to work, for all.

Advancing DE&I efforts that create an impact

  • Learn to assess and include D&I big rocks into business planning
  • Establish goals and accountability with KPI-driven D&I targets
  • Assess the right tools and strategy to promote more women into leadership roles, rethink men’s ability to lead organizations towards a gender-balanced workforce, reorganize teams at work to facilitate gender-balanced organizations.

Embracing allyship and lead inclusively

  • Steps that organizations can take in creating an inclusive workplace
  • Answer questions like–How can I include, What would it require from me as an individual – in behaviors and actions, and who and why do I include – who are my allies?


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Carine Rolland

People & Culture Leader – APAC & ME
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Elisa M. Vincent

VP, Global Talent Enablement
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De&I Leadercamp - Working Towards An Equitable Future - DAY 01
De&I Leadercamp - Working Towards An Equitable Future - DAY 02