Removing Systemic Bias from Organizational Culture


Join us to do the REAL work for diversity, equity, and inclusion

For organizational leaders who want to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace, recognizing and removing systemic bias continues to be a challenge.

This Leadercamp will share proven methods to mitigate embedded biases that exist in our organizations. It will provide a safe learning environment for assessment and collaboration and will include ample time for attendees to ask questions.

Like all of the programs in our ongoing DEI Leadercamp series, “Removing Systemic Bias from Organizational Culture” will be an inclusive conversation with compassionate, expert guidance — and without blame, shame, or finger-pointing.

Su Joun

Su Joun is the Principal of Diversity@Workplace Consulting Group LLC which specializes in innovative, implementation-focused (“the how”) diversity & inclusion (D&I) training and consultation.

She was Vice President of Talent, Diversity, and Inclusion at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts (BCBSMA). In addition to expertise in D&I and talent management, she’s held leadership roles in IT & operations, marketing, sales, and call centers in various organizations and industries. This breadth of experiences enables her to fully understand and “speak the language” of the various business areas and leaders allowing for true partnership to champion D&I goals and programs.

Su received her MBA from Suffolk University and her MS in Nonprofit Management from Northeastern University.

She’s taught Global Human Resources, Organizational Behavior and CareerLaunch at Suffolk University and has presented to numerous audiences, such as the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, NAAAP, CFO Roundtable, UMASS Center for Collaborative Leadership, NEHRA, HUBweek, General Assembly, Design Museum Boston Workplace Innovation Summit, Northeastern University Open Classroom, and the Boston Bar Association.