Research Report

Tech Learning Consumption Trends: A Skillsoft® Signals Research Report

This report explores learning consumption data patterns across a user base of nearly 12 million technology and developer professionals, representing thousands of the world's leading organizations, including 65 percent of the Fortune 500. It provides insight for leaders such as CIO, CSO/CISO and CTO, on what is happening in the technology market in general, and specifically how technology and developer professionals are using continuous learning to cope with today's fast-changing environment. The analysis of the consumption patterns informs our build plans and serves as rationale for Skillsoft's Technology & Developer solutions, including its Skillsoft Aspire learning journeys.

Gain access to this report and discover:

  • The impact of microlearning on user engagement.
  • Trends in programming languages, software, platforms and technology areas that professionals are skilling up on and how they learn.
  • Compelling insights on data patterns compiled from over 25 million technology & developer training hours in the past year.
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