Adapting Your Compliance Program for the Next New Normal

With the global workplace in a fractious state in 2020, many companies transitioned employees to working from home. This created new challenges for compliance leaders from providing clear data security guidance to reinforcing HR policies like harassment prevention for the remote work environment.

Everyone is referring to ‘the new normal’ but what do we actually mean and what are the practical implications for Compliance and HR teams? As societies learn to control the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses are learning to adjust to new ways of working and developing plans to bring employees back to the workplace. But how do compliance leaders navigate these changes in accordance with company policies?

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • How risk areas like cybersecurity are impacted by the shift to remote work and how you can mitigate these risks
  • Key considerations for a return to the office and what elements of working from home you might want to retain
  • How one global corporation has responded to the pandemic and what changes they’ve made to their compliance program to keep their employees safe and productive
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