The Future of Work

Reimagining Digital Learning for the Modern Workforce

As we emerge from the uncertainty of last year, we indisputably find that the future of work has arrived. We see organizations easing out of crisis mode and getting back to long-term planning, and many are keen to keep a hybrid or complete remote workforce in play. Not only is the landscape of work changing, but the labor market is becoming increasingly competitive. According to the US Labor Dept, almost 4.3 million Americans quit their jobs in August 2021 alone. Employees everywhere are now asking themselves, why do I choose to work where I work?

In 2022, the future of work will begin to take shape. As organizations launch new hybrid work models, and learners continue to vocalize what they need from their employers, it will be up to HR departments and business leaders to re-think how they meet the learning and career development requirements of their employees. In this webinar, Skillsoft Chief People Officer Kristi Hummel and featured guest Katy Tynan, Principal Analyst, Forrester, discuss:

  • What the modern workforce will look like in 2022
  • How leaders today can best attract and retain talent 
  • How organizations can re-structure their training programs to support their employees within the hybrid workforce
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