Digital Leadership Today

Developing Leadership At Scale In The Digital Era

There have been many significant global events at the beginning of 2020, especially with investments in technology, and a shift in the working model of many organizations. Multiple organizations had planned for shifts due to digital transformation, and a number of factors accelerated the shifts, making changes possible, and required.

Watch this on-demand webinar, to learn the core principles of digital leadership and how you can successfully establish modern leadership.

You’ll gain insights on key discussion points

• Why is leadership development at scale more important now than ever?

• What are employees thinking?

• What does digital leadership look like?

• What can modern leadership development look like?

• What are the characteristics of a modern learner?

About Speaker

Benny Ramos is Skillsoft’s solution expert for business and leadership. A seasoned strategist with over 18 years’ experience in the learning industry, he brings relevant insights to clients in North America and Asia. Benny collaborates with organizations to help them understand how to utilize learning technology to drive performance. He has a keen understanding of leadership competencies and best practices and acts as the “Voice of the Customer” to help drive and improvements in products. Prior to joining the Skillsoft, he led a learning function for a large Canadian telecom which helps him provide a strategic and tactical perspective when speaking to audiences. His first role at Skillsoft was leading a Customer Success team focused on aiding clients on learning program strategy, marketing, and measurement.

Today, as an advocate for leadership and the modern learner, he is passionate improving all aspects of the employee life cycle and has been featured in various publications, and a featured speaker of online learning and measurement at events throughout Canada and the U.S. and APAC. Recent engagements in 2020 include the USC, UCLA, Terry School of Business at UGA.

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